FUSE event: "Classic opulence with street-wise edge"

Dec 19 2017, 7:57 am

The Vancouver Art Gallery is hosting the FUSE event this Friday, July 19 from 8 p.m to 1 a.m.

Inspired by the exhibition Grand Hotel: Redesigning Modern Life, the “enormously popular” FUSE event will “light up the night” on Friday.

This year’s FUSE event includes:

  • Contemporary dancers, including House of La Douche and Waacouture, who will perform in the Vancouver Art Gallery and on Robson Street.
  • “Psychedelic, experimental sounds” from Vancouver-based band Von Bingen and “ambient art rock music” from the Freak Heat Waves, a band from Victoria; both bands will be performing on the 4th floor’s rooftop pavilion;
  • A “multi-room party” with many more performers, DJs, music, food carts and more!

The event’s attendees could also see the following recently opened exhibitions:

Admission: $20 for adults and free for Vancouver Art Gallery Members.

“In honour of Viva Vancouver’s new summertime plaza, Corduroy Road, there will be free entry to some performances, and there will be some ‘special treats’ on Robson Street.”

So bring some friends and join other FUSE attendees in the two lounges: one outside on Robson Plaza by the patio bar, and one inside with “Paul Wong’s ambient Art Bar featuring signature projections and DJs.”

About the FUSE event

“Since its launch in July 2005, thousands of visitors have gathered at the Gallery for this eclectic adult event. On Friday evenings three times annually, art, live performance, music, DJs, Gallery tours and unexpected surprises have made FUSE Vancouver’s favourite see-and-be-seen event.”

For more information about FUSE, please visit their website.

Feature Image Credit: http://www.vanartgallery.bc.ca/events_and_programs/fuse.html.