Subscription service offers stylish alternative to buying furniture

Sep 2 2020, 9:00 am

What a whirlwind few months it’s been. In a mere instant, our home bases expanded to include functions we never could have imagined; living rooms were suddenly doubling as fitness studios and kitchens transformed into home offices.

If there’s anything we learned, it’s that our homes might not be as adaptable as we’d hoped. But what if there was a way to make our spaces more flexible to our ever-changing lives?

Abacus, a new subscription-based furniture company, is expanding the way people think about and approach furnishing their space for just this reason. Their monthly subscription model allows customers to attain the furniture they want and to swap it out based on their lifestyle needs.

In a world that’s reshaping how we consume, from monthly meal kits to shared car services, it looks like our perspective surrounding furniture ownership may be due for an overhaul.


Our homes would all probably look a lot different if we weren’t limited to our up-front budgets — especially if you’ve just bought a new home or put down an expensive deposit on a new rental.

Abacus’ model allows you to focus on the aesthetic and functionality of your space by eliminating the barriers of entry to expensive, well-crafted furniture that you’d usually have to purchase outright. Rather, it’s a flexible and affordable alternative that allows you to make incremental payments towards owning your dream furniture.

The furnishings are stylish, functional, and meant to adapt to your needs and budget — assuring you’ll never pay more than the retail price. You can curate your space from a selection of thoughtful designs, including sofas, tables, storage, lighting, and more by taking just your monthly budget into consideration.


Is your furniture too big for you to sprawl out during your living room workouts? Are you considering relocating in the short term but need to set-up an office workspace as soon as possible? A furniture subscription model allows your space to adapt to your needs, which means you can just swap it out, return it, or add something new to the mix.

As our mindsets become increasingly mobile and our lives evermore subject to change, the prospect of being able to change your space on your own terms is quite liberating. Our ever-evolving styles and lives need fixtures that can grow along with us.

The fact that Abacus has an integrated process of delivery, assembly, and pick-up further alleviates the stress associated with furnishing your space.


One thing we don’t often consider about the current climate of acquiring or getting rid of furniture is just how wasteful it can be. That’s why Abacus is challenging the status quo by encouraging swapping or returning old for new, to keep furniture in homes and out of landfills.

Evolving out of a desire for less waste, consumption, and commitment, their circular model creates space for safe and smart sustainability. As such, returned items are rigorously cleaned and refurbished to perfect or near-perfect conditions for their new homes.

With returns, customers are free to change their furniture in a hassle-free and guilt-free way that facilitates revamping your space, adapting to new situations, or an easier move to a new home.

Leave the heavy lifting to Abacus and transform your home into your dream space — whatever that might look like, today or tomorrow.

If you’re curious to give it a shot and see what it’s all about, you can take advantage of a welcome bonus in the form of $50 off your first month. Simply sign up for the newsletter at by September 14 and you’ll receive a personalized discount code via email.

Follow Abacus on Instagram for some serious home decor inspo, or check out their website to get started on curating your space.

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