Funnel cloud sighted over Richmond this evening (PHOTOS)

Dec 20 2017, 1:11 am

It was another eventful day for weather in Metro Vancouver. A waterspout was spotted in open water just off Point Grey in Vancouver this morning, and then in the early evening a funnel cloud was sighted above Richmond.


According to witnesses, the funnel cloud was seen over the northern areas of Richmond near Sea Island between 5 to 6:30 p.m.. It was even spotted by passengers awaiting for their flight inside the terminal building of Vancouver International Airport.

Localized heavy rainfall and some thunder was experienced throughout the day as a potent low pressure system swept through the region.

Following this morning’s waterspout, Environment Canada issued a marine-based waterspout warning for the Strait of Georgia, Howe Sound and Haro Strait.

Funnel clouds are relatively rare in Metro Vancouver, but they are actually common along the Canadian and American Pacific Coast during the fall and spring months.

A funnel cloud becomes a tornado if it touches ground or a waterspout if it touches water. A cold-air funnel, like the one over Richmond today, is usually harmless and very weak, but if it touches ground it is capable of producing minimal damage and injuries.

Such funnels form higher in the atmosphere and have a weaker rotation and updraft than a typical tornado formed by a cumulonimbus cloud or supercell.

Image: Tim Rubenfeld / submitted

Image: Tim Rubenfeld / submitted

Image: Cindy Davey  / submitted

Image: Cindy Davey / submitted

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