Funmobile: Scion FR-S

Dec 19 2017, 5:58 am

It’s harder and harder to find good quality fun these days, especially in Vancouver. No matter where you look, there’s some smug NIMBY greenwasher telling you to trade in your car for a bike, because it’s “sustainable” or some such crap. And even when you do get your velo on, those same greenwashers nail you with a two hundred dollar ticket for not wearing the protective gear they think you should. What’s an average red blooded human being to do? Well, if you’re smart, you’ll get thee to your nearest OpenRoad Scion and give the fun police a nice fat one fingered salute in the form of what’s possibly the most fun you can have on four wheels; the Scion FR-S

Perhaps the last of the great affordable RWD sports cars, the FR-S is a pure driving machine. Designed for the singular purpose of putting the pedal to the metal and chewing up the road thanks to a lightweight chassis and 200HP boxer engine, the FR-S has changed my perception of what a sports car is supposed to be. I used to think that for a car to really be exciting, it had to have massive horsepower, serious control issues, and a tendency to try and get away from the driver. Based on what I had read about high performance cars, they were twitchy, expensive, and usually ended up wrapped around a light post, or bottomed out on a speedbump and needing a tow. How happy I am to be wrong in the case of the FR-S.

Simply put, this car will make you feel like a race car driver, but without any of the trappings associated with the sport. Sure there are tons of aftermarket options to make it go faster and corner harder, but straight out of the box, the FR-S invites you to push it to the limit without making you feel like you’re riding some rabid monstrosity. In fact, it’s so forgiving, I was able to learn from my mistakes and figure out exactly when I needed to apply throttle and get that magical drifty sensation after only 2 laps around the track. Even with the 6-speed Auto, I was laying down patches of molten rubber all over the tarmac and pirouetting around turns like Natalie Portman in Black Swan.

Seriously, folks. If you like to drive, and I mean DRIVE, then you’ll at least try to get down to your local OpenRoad Scion and take one of these little devils for a spin. Not only are they more fuel efficient than that overpriced Italian thouroughbred you’ve been courting, but they won’t break your bank after the first date. Take it from me, if I had to choose a gasoline powered car for the rest of my life, the FR-S would be it. And to hell with what some greenwashers at city hall say about there being too many cars on the road. This one makes riding a bicycle feel like… well, it makes it feel like just another boring day in No Fun City.

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