8 fun and not-so-fun activities made better by carsharing

Dec 19 2017, 6:09 pm

Carsharing is not just a passing trend.

It’s not just for those who can’t afford a car or those trying to be eco friendly, it’s evolved beyond that. Now, carsharing is a lifestyle choice. Think about it. It costs on average, about $8,000 to own a car in the Lower Mainland. Add to that the fact that most cars sit idle 95% of the time, and that every two-way car share added to the city takes 10 privately owned vehicles off of Vancouver’s congested roads; and it’s easy to see why so many people are switching on to carsharing.

Ok, sure, we get what you’re thinking about how you’ll look or feel driving those teeny tiny cars around town. But that doesn’t have to be the case. Modo, has a diverse fleet of sports cars, sedans, hybrids, electrics, trucks and SUVs. With more than 400 options to choose from and the minimal price of $8/hour (includes, insurance, maintenance, bridge tolls and privileged parking), why would you bother buying a car?

Looking for a reason to get behind the wheel of a Modo car? Here are eight fun, and not-so-fun things which are made easier with a carshare…


Image: Modo

4 fun things to do in a Modo

Date Night

Roll up in a Fiat 500 Abarth. It’s trendy, fast, and small enough to easily park downtown. Consider a van or SUV if you need some extra room, or showoff your green side by grabbing a Nissan Electric Leaf.


Get enough friends to fill a Toyota Matrix or Nissan Rogue. Or reserve a Fiat 500 convertible and enjoy some popcorn and fresh air at an outdoor theatre.

Grouse Grind

Modo can whisk you up to Grouse to do the Grind when it’s dry, or hit the slopes when it’s cold. Pack everyone into a Kia Rondo, or just a few in the Sion FR-S. And not to worry, our all-wheel drives have winter snow tires to keep you extra safe.

Lynn Canyon

Swing on up to the suspension bridge and reconnect with nature.


Image: Modo

4 not-so-fun things to do in a Modo


Going to the dentist is already a chore, so at least make getting there enjoyable. Grab a hybrid Prius C or Mazda 2.


Moving sucks, but with the right vehicle – and post packing beer and pizza – it doesn’t have to. For big or small moves, take the Ford Ranger or Nissan Frontier. Guilty of having hoarder tendencies? Grab the Nissan NV 200 cargo van.


While perusing a farmer’s market can make for a lovely weekend morning, walking around superstore does not. But you’ll fit everything you need into a Honda CRV or even a hybrid Prius V. If the cupboards are bare and a Costco run is in order, grab a Dodge Journey mini van.


Take your load to the laundromat, or mom’s, by packing it all into a Nissan Versa Note.


Carsharing is fun and easy. It’s also good for your pocketbook, your community and the environment. Try it. Vancity Buzz readers can use the Promo Code BUZZ50 to get a $50 driving credit with Modo. Sorry, valid for new members only. Join today at www.modo.coop.


Image: Modo


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