Friday Facts: Little Mountain Re-Developement

Dec 19 2017, 11:40 am

This rather large parcel of land located between 33rd and 37th Aveunes between Main and Ontario is known as Little Mountain. Currently only a total of 570 residents live in 224 units. Even social housing advocates can agree that the 15.27 acre parcel of land that it sits on is being poorly used. Current zoning will allow approximately 6 times more density.

As you know the Urban Dweller is a sucker for density and this is a great location to densify. It is near amenities such as QE Park, Nat Bailey stadium and SoMa shopping. Further with the advent of the Canada Line it will be close to rapid transit. Let’s see its close to shopping, recreations, transit and ample park space. Sounds like a great area to me.

Well the city plans to redevelop this land. I was quite perplexed that the COV had not done something about this site a long time ago and why we have housing that looks like some of the post war developments in England. Ugh.

Now I know that it is social housing and it will displace residents temporarily, that is a shame. But you can not argue the improper use of resources. The redevelopment will see no reduction in the number of subsidized housing units. So expect to see 224 social market housing and the rest will be mid and market housing. The developers got a eat to. It is very likely that more units could be ear marked for social housing however, in return the developer would want additional denisty.

I’d like to see something with a few high-rise and mid-rise buildings but that probably won’t happen. Thank you nimby’s. Regardless, I’m hearing rumblings that it may be similar to Joyce/Collingwood. Not bad, we shall see I guess. It is East Vancouver and the residents don’t mean shit to the COV. Developing…

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