Friday Fact: Sol Guy of Direct Current Media

Dec 19 2017, 11:41 am

Sol Guy is one of Vancouver’s shining lights in the local media scene. His recent series 4real takes celebrities all around the world to see how individuals are making change happen in their communities. The series airs on MTV and CTV in Canada. Recently, it got picked up CW in the states. It premiers down south on October 5th, 2008.

He is the co-founder of Direct Current Media. A company’s whose vision is to raise awareness on world issues such as poverty, environmental and social issues that plague not just the 3rd world countries but in our very own backyard. A while ago, Sol filmed an episode of 4real in Van City, with the lovely Eva Mendes. They toured the cities Downtown Eastside highlighting the poverty and drug use in the country’s poorest neighbourhood. Other episodes have him traveling to the City of God with Mos Def and Yawana with celeb guest Joaquin Phoenix. Other celebrity guests include Cameron Diaz, Flea (from Red Hot Chilli Peppers), Casey Affleck and many more.

His efforts to create awareness of society’s issues is important. At the same time by having celebrity appear on the show side by side with him makes it kinda cool for the young folk. The reality is the vast majority of the youth is either unaware or just do not care. Sol Guy in my opinion makes it cool to care and hopefully some youth will be encourage to do something.

As for Direct Current Media, his startup with co-founder Josh Thome, its goal is to use the media (televsion, internet etc…) to empower and educate individuals to make a difference. We need more individuals like this in the city and less APC. Mad props go out to Sol Guy for not only raising awareness, but attempting to do something about it. He also did not make any children cry or disrupt family events err….I mean a protest zone, give me a break. I digress.

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