Free Transit Day on statutory holiday leaves monthly FareCard buyers unhappy

Dec 19 2017, 11:25 am

The past week hasn’t been the best for transit.

With major citywide SkyTrain failures disrupting the movement of commuters, TransLink announced a free transit day to take place across Metro Vancouver on Monday, August 4 – or the statutory holiday, B.C. Day.

We looked at past free days and thought the decision for it to happen on a stat holiday could be due to the possibility of capacity concerns. When we asked TransLink, they told us this:

TransLink is offering free service on BC Day to show our appreciation for our customers. BC Day was chosen over a regular weekday so as to not inconvenience our regular customers who are trying to get to work by adding additional volume to the trains at peak travel times. Some people will be working on BC Day and they can use the system to get them there. This is a system-wide “fare holiday” for everyone, whether they travel by bus, SkyTrain, SeaBus, HandyDart or West Coast Express.

Monthly FareCard-buying transit riders were obviously upset throughout the recurring inconveniences, and the free day pass on, likely, majority’s day off isn’t a help. Here are some of the tweets that have come in over the past couple days.

Do you think TransLink did the right thing offering a system-wide fare holiday?




Feature image: Canada Line via Shutterstock