Entertainer Fred Penner's Cat Came Back Tour is coming to Vancouver

Nov 19 2019, 11:48 am

Everyone’s favourite childhood entertainer, Fred Penner, is coming to Vancouver in celebration of his The Cat Came Back 40th Anniversary Tour.

Those who have memories of singing along to “The Cat Came Back” as a kid, are in for a massive dose of nostalgia — with Penner announcing a concert at North Vancouver’s Centennial Theatre on April 5 during his Canada-wide tour.

In the lyrics of Penner himself, “The cat came back, they thought he was a goner. But the cat came back; he just couldn’t stay away.”

If you’re a fan of Penner and thought he wasn’t coming back, you’ll be happy to know in reality he just really couldn’t stay away — from his following of millions of Canadians across the country.

Those looking to experience a trip down memory lane, or to share the hits they once knew with their own kids today, can help bring the sounds of Penner to the next generation.

Not only was Penner everyone’s beloved childhood musician behind “The Cat Came Back,” but he also produced 13 albums and tons of live shows to enthusiastic audiences, as well as 12 seasons and 900 episodes of Fred Penner’s Place. 

Amongst the fame of his Juno-award-winning albums, videos, books, and concerts, Penner has been able to support organizations such as UNESCO, World Vision, UNICEF, and the Canadian Down Syndrome Society. And his message, “Never underestimate your ability to make the difference in the life of a child,” remains the strong today as it always was.

Fred Penner/Live Nation

Penner’s The Cat Came Back 40th Anniversary Tour has 14 dates across the country. It kicks off in Ottawa on February 28 before heading on to Winnipeg, Toronto, and Edmonton — making North Vancouver the lucky grand finale.

Tickets to Fred Penner’s Vancouver 2020 concert are on sale now, starting at $34 via Centennial Theatre. Don’t miss out on this chance to catch some incredible nostalgia and teach the next generation what Fred Penner is all about.

Fred Penner: The Cat Came Back 40th Anniversary Tour

When: Sunday, April 5
Time: 4 pm
Where: North Vancouver Centennial Theatre  — 2300 Lonsdale Avenue
Tickets: Starting at $34 — Tickets available via Centennial Theatre