Former UBC student caught re-selling U-Passes for profit online

After being caught re-selling U-Passes online, a former UBC student has been charged with two counts of fraud.

An investigation conducted by the Transit Police’s Crime Reduction Unit has led to 25-year-old Betty Wong facing two counts of fraud after caught re-selling U-Passes for profit online. Wong purchased several U-Passes from various students across four post-secondary institutions; She was then re-selling U-Passes for profit online. All of the U-Passes have been recovered.

Transit Police employee Anne Drennan says when officers catch someone during a fare check using a U-Pass that is not theirs, the person typically receives a ticket.

“They are then incurring a fine rather than a criminal charge.” Drennan says, “But in this case, because (Wong) was buying and re-selling, and doing it (multiple times), we were able to proceed with the criminal investigation.”

“An investigation is (also) continuing into the people who sold to Wong and purchased U-Passes from her, with the possibility of further charges being laid against those (people.)” Drennan adds, “They would also face charges of fraud.”

“I want to make sure that students recognize that this is a serious problem,” she says. “They are given a huge advantage here when they purchase a U-Pass, it’s so much cheaper.” “This is a benefit they should take very seriously. And if they do abuse that benefit, not only do they risk losing their ability to purchase a U-Pass, they could end up facing criminal charges.”

Drennan says the fraud was discovered when members of the Crime Reduction Unit discovered U-Passes for sale on Craigslist.

Wong will appear in court December 14.

Image credit: BCIT Student Association