Foodie web series follows the biggest avocado lovers across Canada

Nov 10 2020, 5:10 pm

Canada’s love for avocados has increased significantly¬†in the last decade, with the volume of this tropical fruit available for consumption increasing from¬†0.98 kg per capita in 2010 to¬†2.37 kg in 2019.

It’s easy to see why when we consider all the different ways avocados can be enjoyed on a regular basis — on toast, in sushi, as the base for a perfectly delicious guac — the list goes on. Loaded with naturally good fats, they’re produced in¬†Mexico and exported¬†right to our local grocery stores.

During their search for Canada’s biggest “Avolovers,” Avocados From Mexico¬†received hundreds of nominations from people nationwide. In the end, five winners from across the country were selected to share their “avo-loving” stories.

But to make it even sweeter, the web series footage was captured during a cross-country tour.

The first Avolover to share her story was Ottawa-based nurse and mother Jessica¬†McDougall. “We always buy avocados in bulk because we go through so many,” she said.

Although she adores avocados now, she admits that she didn’t eat a lot of the fruit growing up. But today, her young family goes through anywhere from 40 to 50 avocados per month.

“About 11 years ago, I decided that I was going to start eating healthier and lose some weight, and over the course of a couple of years, I lost 120 lbs,” noted McDougall. The mom of two said avocados have been a big part of her healthy eating journey.

Jessica McDougall/Avocados From Mexico

Next up, in Montreal, we met avid rock climber Rémi Charpentier, an avocado enthusiast who has a beautifully designed avocado tattoo, which was inspired by his sister.

He recalled his dad eating avocados before supper when he was younger, always offering him half. But he didn’t start eating the fruit regularly himself until the end of high school.

“For me, avocados represent both beauty and fragility,” he said. “They’re only ripe for a short time. I find that fragility beautiful and inspiring.”¬†Charpentier is a big fan of avocado pasta, and that’s something we’re adding to our to-make list right now.

Rémi Charpentier/Avocados From Mexico

“A classic is a classic. You can’t mess with an avocado toast,” noted avocado fanatic¬†Annerie Ta. The Torontonian said she was always drawn to California rolls as a child, more so for the avocado than any of the other ingredients. “At that time, I didn’t even know what avocado was,” she said.

Working as a professor,¬†Ta said, means she often has to take work home. However, she always looks forward to being in her “happy place” (the kitchen), cooking and baking. After deciding to make a change for her lifestyle, she focused on healthy eating and can now make over 30 avocado-based dishes.

“I love how the avocado can give your palate such a great experience because of the creaminess,” Ta added.

One of the best things about avocados is how they inspire people to create more special moments, appreciate the good times, and relish great flavours in ways no other fruit can.

Port-Cartier friends¬†Isabelle Bouchard and Karine¬†M√©thot¬†are the epitome of friendship goals. They’ve known each other for 15 years, worked together, done Zumba classes together — and they’re both genuine Avolovers.

“It was a running gag at work. We both bought an avocado a day. If I’d forgotten mine, she’d give me half,”¬†said¬†M√©thot.

“We’re always there for each other in any situation,” said Bouchard. “If I’m out of avocados, I can count on her!”

Isabelle and Karine with friends/Avocados From Mexico

Over on Vancouver Island,¬†Brenda¬†Deziel¬†shares an equally big love for the Mexico-born fruit. She laughed, “My husband calls me an avocadict.”

Deziel explained how her love for avocados stemmed from a health perspective. “Last summer, I wasn’t feeling good. I wasn’t able to exercise like I wanted to. I wasn’t able to keep up with my outdoor activities,” she said.

After visiting a naturopath, Deziel cut out sugar, gluten, dairy, alcohol, and caffeine, and avocados became something she ate every single day, whether at work or as a snack while out hiking.

Brenda Deziel and her husband/Avocados From Mexico

“What amazes me the most about avocados is how long they take to grow, a minimum of five years for a tree to mature enough to produce fruit,” she said.¬†“The fact that it goes through so many steps to get to my kitchen really makes me appreciate it.”

Everyone has their own unique avocado story, and at a time when there’s uncertainty all around us, the simple act of sharing yours could evoke a lot of joy.

To watch the full Avolovers web series and see which story you relate to the most, head to¬†Avocados From Mexico’s IGTV¬†now.

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