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Dec 19 2017, 5:03 am

Fresh Local Wild is back at Burrard and Dunsmuir! They not only have a new location, but a new truck too! The truck is aiming to be very environmentally friendly, and actually runs on their used frying oil! And there is a little patio on the side, so you can nosh away while seated on something else other than the stairs of the building nearby.


We first tried the Chicken Club, which was recommended to us from the guy manning the Sausage a Trois truck. Both are owned by Chef Wolfe, but he didn’t just blindly recommend “everything”. The bread is lightly toasted and stuffed full of marinated chicken, hand cut bacon and fresh lettuce and tomatoes. Even if you are sharing, try to keep the sandwich whole (and uncut). With all the stuff inside this sammy, you’ll need all the bread surrounding it to hold everything together. The lettuce added nice texture, and the filling was really moist and juicy. Good thing the bread was just lightly toasted, because a really toasted bread would have made this harder to eat.

I love Tuna Melt. It’s one of the few breakfast items I will make on the weekend, even though it takes me longer to make it than to eat it. But my  canned tuna and a slice of cheddar on sourdough is nothing compared to this. There is just so much albacore tuna here, and it’s all Fresh, Local and Wild! All the albacore needs is a little layer of smoked cheddar and they are a happy couple. We finished both sandwiches and were more than full. Although we did give up on some of the bread at the end to munch on their fries.

I think you can even make reservations on the cherished patio by emailing them! Thanks @ChefWolfe, what a great idea! The cart’s twitter handle is @FreshLocalWild.

I can’t wait to go back and try their Fish and Chips (with salmon, cod, etc. depending on what’s fresh), and their Poutine if it’s on the menu. Can anyone share their favourite type of fish for Fish and Chips? Oh, and if you’re a poutine fan, what is a good one to get at Fresh Local Wild?

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Written By: Grace Cheung (@gracecheung604)

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