Food Carts Coming to Vancouver Parks

Update: Last night, Monday March 26, 2012 The Vancouver Park Board passed the vote to allow food carts to come Vancouver parks. The pilot program will start with 3 sites. The Information Booth in Stanley Park, the top of Queen Elizabeth Park in the Bloedel Conservatory area and Vanier Park next to Burrard Marina.

This is what we eluded to last week if you care to take a gander.

Next Monday, the Vancouver park board will vote on  a one-year trial that will see food trucks located in test parks that offer little or no food services. If approved Stanley Park and Queen Elizabeth Park are two of the many parks that could see food carts soon.

This news is welcome to food cart lovers who are already anxiously waiting the announcement of  the 12 new food carts to grace the streets of Vancouver this year. Currently Vancouver has 91 street food locations add to that  another 12 carts will be added this year and that pushes the total food carts in the city to well over a 100. This all happened so fast and is proof that Vancouverites love their food carts.

If the program is successful look for it to expand and possibly have food carts located near sports fields such as Andy Livingstone Park.