Floating & Stinging - The Aprons For Gloves Portrait Exhibit

Dec 19 2017, 5:59 am

Dan Jackson is a talented and enigmatic photographer well known within the local Vancouver art scene. Often spotted with a trademark hat or bow-tie, this small in stature yet big on fun gentleman is not easily missed. During the few times I have encountered Dan, he’s struck me as someone with a huge heart. Tonight, he further proves this initial impression.

Dan has dedicated his time over these past few weeks taking portraits of 60 local bartenders, baristas and chefs – all of whom are participating in the charity event “Restaurant Rumble”. Restaurant Rumble is a boxing tournament created to benefit the ‘Aprons for Gloves’ charity; one created to help raise funds to build a gym for children on the downtown east side.

While 60 individuals have been training for this event, only 24 will make the cut to the actual tournament. There is no doubt in my mind that this training process has been a gruelling one for everyone involved – word is that several participants showed up for their portrait sessions looking bruised, bloodied and battered. This is certain to yield some amazing and interesting portraiture.

Dan’s portrait work has previously been described as being so detailed and full of depth, that it more so resembles a fine art oil painting. In a world where photographic trends are still leaning towards over-used HDR and excessive Photoshop filters, classical portraiture is an art that many have not even been properly introduced to. For the un-initiated, this event will be a great way to experience a technically perfected style.

If a good cause and amazing artwork still has not sold you on this evening, there will also be several live music performances, tasty food, cheap drinks and cute cigarette girls wandering around. Come spend your evening listening to the musical talents of Motown artist Warren Dean Flandez and ‘Love Rock’ band Scatterheart. The Facebook event also promises “some fun surprises along the way.” This is sure to be one of the most interesting events going on in Vancouver tonight.

Doors for the event are at 6pm, with the exhibition running until 1am. “Floating and Stinging” is behind held at Chapel Arts, located at 304 Dunlevy street in Gastown, Vancouver.

More information about tonight can be found via the Facebook event page:


Be sure to also ‘like’ Dan’s fan page for ongoing updates, located here: http://www.facebook.com/DanJackson.ManifestPhotography