Flames defenceman Troy Stecher is tired of Calgarians not picking up their dog poop

Mar 26 2023, 5:28 pm

Troy Stecher has been fitting in pretty nicely with the Calgary Flames so far this season.

Traded from the Arizona Coyotes along with with Nick Ritchie to the Flames for Brett Ritchie and Connor Mackey earlier this month, the former Vancouver Canucks defenceman has settled in well with his fifth NHL team.

Playing a little under 15 minutes a night, Stecher has a goal and two assists in 12 games for the Flames this season.

But there’s one things clearly bothering one of the newest members of the Flames: dog poop.

Yes, dog poop.

Stecher made it clear this weekend that he’s not a huge fan of the way that Calgary residents have a tendency to not clean up after their furry friends during the wintertime.

“Calgarians. Just because there’s snow on the ground and it snows during the winter, doesn’t mean you don’t have to pick up your dog’s poop. #LandminesEverywhere #TipToeing,” Stecher tweeted out on Saturday night.

Point taken, Troy!

It does beg the question… how many times has Stecher actually stepped in the brown stuff accidentally, or did he just have a series of close calls?

Either way, he does make a valid point: every pile of dog poop that goes uncleaned has a decent shot of ending up in someone else’s shoes. Even if it’s snowing outside and doesn’t resurface for a few days, weeks, or even months… it still could end up in someone’s shoe.

Whatever the case, we’d like to imagine Stecher is a nicer version of the character yelling at Jason Segel in this clip from buddy comedy I Love You, Man (NSFW language warning).

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