#FiveWordsToRuinADate Vancouver edition

Dec 19 2017, 1:33 pm

The hashtag #FiveWordsToRuinADate is proving to be a goldmine for wit from brands across the Twittersphere. Why not poke some fun of ourselves with our own #FiveWordsToRuinADate Vancouver edition?

For your entertainment, here are a few short sentences that could bring a date to a halt, or possibly curb a date from happening in the first place. In the era of the quick left swipe, sometimes five words is all you get.

  • “Wanna see the Steam Clock?”
  • “Meet me at White Spot.”
  • “I’m a big Lions fan!”
  • “Wanna walk down East Hastings?”
  • “Are the Oilers playing tonight?”
  • “My bicycle won’t fit two.”
  • “Lululemon pants are so ugly.”
  • “My roommate is making kombucha.”
  • “What bus are we taking?”
  • “They should build a pipeline.”
  • “I’m stuck on the SkyTrain!”
  • “I grew up in Newton.”
  • “Wanna split this vegan cupcake?”
  • “I’m just checking my Tinder.”
  • “Meet you at Wreck Beach?”
  • “I do Crossfit for fun.”
  • “So, do you smoke weed?”
  • “Were you at The Roxy?”
  • “I live with my parents.”
  • “Who is Mayor Gregor’s girlfriend?”
  • “It’s called the lumbersexual look.”
  • “Let’s go snort some chocolate!”
  • “I live in North Van.”
  • “Did you see my Kickstarter?”
  • “We need more bike lanes.”
  • “So I’ve got this startup…”
  • “Wait, you don’t do yoga?”
  • “Want to split the bill?”
  • “I write for Vancity Buzz”

Featured image: Matthias Wiemann/Flickr

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