Five reasons for a winter closet cleaning

Dec 19 2017, 5:30 pm

When I came back from a three-week holiday, I was shocked at how much weight my closet had gained over the past few months. Although I blamed it on bulky winter sweaters, I realized that was not the case. There were clothes from every season, in piles and sharing hangers. We are now fairly into the new year, and I am (inset surprising age here), and my closet needs a facelift ASAP. And in our list obsessed culture, here are my top five reasons to clean up your beloved closet this winter.

  1. Organize to downsize

The hardest part of your pre-spring cleaning is the organizing part, but I found the easiest way to do this is simply by moving everything out of your closet and laying it out. Now imagine you’re in a vintage shop, start going through the items as though you are shopping. Would you purchase that ragged, plaid shirt you last wore in 2012? Be honest, and start a few piles of Yes, No, and Maybe’s. Definitely pile the stuff that remind you of ex’s in the ‘No’ pile. This is your time to shine. Once you have your yes pile, you can start by neatly organizing them back into your closet space. Try a new organizing technique this year- maybe sort them out by colour, or by style (such as day outfit or night outfits). And get rid of all the winter gear you won’t wear next season, it is often bulky and takes up a lot of closet space.

You have now downsized, congratulations!

2. Giveaway & consign

Make use of your No and Maybe’s piles and start a ‘giveaway pile’ and a ‘sell pile’. That is correct- your trash, as they say, maybe someone else’s treasure. And yes, you can make some extra cash for your unwanted items. Vintage and second hand shopping is more popular than ever, and awesome shops like Front & Company make it easier than ever to buy and consign used clothes in Vancouver. You can also sell accessories and clothes from the comfort of your living room online. And while you’re at it, make a donation pile. There are drop boxes all over the city for charities such as Big Brothers Vancouver, United Way, and the Canadian Diabetes Association. You will be surprised how good this will all feel.

3. Rain

That is correct. Cleaning your closet on a rainy winter day will make you feel very accomplished.

4. Style upgrade

It’s a new year, maybe it’s time for a new look, and cleaning your closet allows you to have room for a style upgrade. Through vintage clothes shopping, store sales, and potentially clothing swaps with some good pals, you can end up with an entirely new wardrobe- and on a budget. Nothing wrong with saving money (maybe even earning extra cash) to start a new year.

5. Dream closet

After cleaning, downsizing and upgrading, pick another rainy day (not tough in Vancouver) and start creating your dream closet. Find colourful shelf organizers, storage boxes, anything that will help your closet regain new life. Place items out of season in the storage boxes to maximize space. Looking for inspiration? Flip through some home decoration magazines, go through Pinterest or take a walk through Ikea. Say goodbye to the piles of sweaters and purses cluttering your desk. Say hello to the newly organized dream closet of 2014.
Happy pre-spring closet cleaning! Don’t forget to turn up the music.

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