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Dec 19 2017, 12:44 pm

(Josh Neumann of @StayFitAnywhere) – How come my fitness program always falls off track during the Christmas holidays?  You’ve got your work party, your partner’s work party, your family get together, your partner’s family get together, your friend’s shaker and then there is New Year’s.  After New Year’s you’ve got football playoffs, Valentine’s day, spring break, Easter, May Long weekend, THE WHOLE ENTIRE SUMMER, Thanksgiving and we are right back at Christmas.  So when is the “right” time to get back on track with a fitness program?

The way the calendar is set up there is always a reason for a celebration and even if the calendar doesn’t present an opportunity things like this happen to you or someone you know: a promotion, a birthday, or an anniversary so there really is never a “right” time, you have to treat your fitness program as if it is one of these can’t miss celebrations and parties.

We all know a good party or celebration needs to be scheduled in advance, invited guests, and planned events.

Schedule – Put every single training down in your calendar as if it is going to be the party of the year and you can’t miss it.  If it is already in your schedule you will be less likely to book something else in it’s place.

Plan – You need to plan what you are going to do during your training session or you are going to waste too much time wondering what you are going to do.  If you are planning on going to the gym create a plan before you get there and when you get there execute your plan, this will maximize your time spent in the gym.  Planning is still necessary if you aren’t doing a gym training session: if you are going to go for a run know your route/distance/time or know how many games of squash you want to play.

Invitees – A party is always more fun when you bring a friend or two along, so invite someone to join you.  You will be less likely to bail on your training session if you have someone counting on you and it always helps to have someone there to give you a little push when you are struggling.

Gym Plan
1.       Warmup with some mobility exercises and 5-10 minutes cardiovascular activity.
2.       Short Circuits… do 5 sets of each circuit as quickly as you can while focusing on perfect exercise technique.

Circuit1 (Body Weight) Circuit2 (Single Dumbbell) Circuit3 (Medicine Ball)
Alt Step Back Lunges – 30reps Squat to Press – 10reps Pickup Press – 15reps
Pushups – Fatigue Standing 1Arm Row – 10reps Lat Lunge to Press – 10reps
Prone T Raises – 10reps 1 Leg Touches – 15touches Lo to Hi Chop – 10reps
Rest 60secs Rest 60secs Rest 60secs

3.       5-10minutes of cardiovascular activity to cool down, eat something nutritious and delicious within 30minutes.
4.       Stretch at home before bed.

Run Plan(or other cardiovascular activity)
1.       Warmup with some mobility exercises and run at an easy pace (3/10) for 5-10minutes.
2.       Interval Training for 30minutes, pick your poison.

Challenging Very Challenging Extremely Challenging
Interval Run 3minutes (6/10) 2minutes (7/10) 1minute (8/10)
Recovery Run 3minutes (4/10) 3minutes (5/10) 3minutes (6/10)

3.       The scale refers to how hard it feels 1- relatively easy, could do this pace forever.  5- moderate, could hang on to this pace for the SunRun.  10- HARD!!!  Look out for throw up.
4.       How fast you actually move through each interval will change as the run progresses, keep the scale in mind.
5.       If you are exhausted don’t stand still hunched over, keep upright and walk.
6.       At the end cool down with 5-10minute more of running (3/10). Eat something nutritious and delicious within 30minutes.
7.       Stretch at home before bed.

Here are two simple training session PLANS for you to use over the holidays, all you need to do is schedule the party and invite a friend.
Josh Neumann, BHK, PTS, TSCC-1
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