Fitness blog: Working out while on vacation

Feb 9 2017, 5:43 pm

The 90 Day Fitness Challenge is brought to you by Steve Nash Fitness Clubs.

My hotel room in New York seems a bit too small for a workout. At least, that’s the first excuse I can think of when I walk in and put down my bags. After six hours on a plane and an hour in traffic, my legs needed a stretch. And what better time to explore an unfamiliar city than midnight? I shedded my heavy jacket, ducking out into the canopy of darkness and cool air to wander SoHo. That counts, right?

That night, after settling into a German-inspired bar down the road and drinking a lager alone, I face-planted into bed at 2 am and drifted off to the sound of sirens. Day one’s workout: moderate failure.

Travel often means a break in fitness routines, or delaying one in the first place. Since I’m travelling during my first official week with Steve Nash, I’m required to use any available resources to get my heart rate up. Here’s something working in my favour: being in New York is an all-out footrace from dawn to dusk. You’re nonstop on your feet, dashing across streets, zigzagging around people on the sidewalk, pacing around as you wait for a table at a restaurant. And don’t even try telling me dancing in heels isn’t a workout.

It’s getting harder to come up with a reason not to workout – especially since my Steve Nash trainers Craig and Brendan designed workouts to break a sweat in the comfort of my own room.


Excuses/Nicolle Hodges

Excuse #1

I don’t have time to exercise.

Yes, you do. You’re on vacation. All you have is time.

Excuse #2

I need someone to motivate me.

It’s called the Internet.

Excuse #3

I didn’t have room to pack my running shoes.

You don’t need shoes for any of the workouts they sent you. What’s wrong with you?

I suppose if we were to factor in stress as a workout, my dedication to this fitness challenge began at the airport (albeit begrudgingly) when I nearly missed my connecting flight from Calgary. What I’d usually do during a layover would consist of slowly pacing the airport, thinking to myself. Instead, I deplaned with nine minutes to make it through customs and catch my next flight. Needless to say, I took the stairs instead of the escalator, avoided the moving sidewalk, and sprinted 15 gates to E95 while they were “urgently paging Nicolle Hodges” over the loudspeaker. A family with small children cheered, “You can make it!” as I ran by. I hope they live long, healthy lives.


Getting on track/Nicolle Hodges

When I asked for tips for working out on vacation (and then promptly ignored them) here are some of the ones that stood out:

  1. Pack a workout kit: Your suitcase will easily allow room for a resistance band and a jump rope.
  2. Get a Fitbit: Aim for 10,000 steps per day as you trek your way around the city. On that note, avoid public transport whenever possible.
  1. Add “physical activity” to the itinerary: Plan a hike, outdoor group workout, or buy a one-week pass at a nearby gym if the hotel doesn’t have one. Rent a bike, rollerblades, or surfboard so you can still have fun while being active.

Back in my hotel room, I have resorted to doing the series of Steve Nash workouts on the bed. From an outsider’s perspective, it might appear I’m in the throes of demonic possession, which is probably more enjoyable than trying the “split knee hip flexor” on a soft mattress. I saved the “child’s pose” for last, so I could continue lying with my face in the pillow, wondering if I’ve burned off that 3 am burrito yet.

Tomorrow I’ll try barefoot jogging. Maybe.

Nicolle HodgesNicolle Hodges

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