Fish and Chips in and around Vancouver

Dec 19 2017, 8:13 am

Fish and Chips are one of the signs of summer so as long as we keep eating them on a patio, by the beach, on the street or on the pier, summer will stick with us. Virtually all restaurants, pubs and shacks offer their version of the British dish. While this is not a rare thing to find, some places make it extra special to eat so much deep-fried goodness.

From the Source

Fish and Chips

To many Vancouverites, the best place to have fish and chips is right at the source on Granville Island at the little blue shack called Go Fish. It sits by the Fishermen’s Wharf and we can only assume they get first pick since their fish is exceptionally fresh and tasty. The coleslaw — with a surprising yet delicious sesame kick — is worth mentioning: one of the best sides one can have with their version of the dish. The service however can be slow. This does not prevent long queues of people eagerly waiting to have their fix. Business hours are limited so plan to visit them for lunch or for an early dinner (closes at 6:30pm) any other day than Monday.

Address: 1505 W 1st Avenue, Vancouver

Phone: 604-730-5040

Twitter: @GoFishVancouver

The Beach Experience

Fish and Chips

There’s nothing like eating fish and chips sitting on a sun-drenched beach. For the optimal experience, head to Raincity Grill located right at the corner of Denman and Davie between 11:30 am and 7:30 pm. Fish and chips can be ordered from their take out window attached to the restaurant’s kitchen and taken a few meters down to the beach. An easy way to enjoy beer battered halibut, green salad, fries and house-made tartar sauce. Their containers and cutlery to go are biodegradable so no guilt here!

Address: 1193 Denman Street, Vancouver

Phone: 604-685-7337


Twitter: @raincitygrill


Working Off the Calories

Fish and Chips

For a scenic bike ride, head to Steveston on the Dyke trail to catch fish and chip at Pajo’s. There are two locations: one at Garry Point and the other one right on the pier. You can choose from three different types of fish. To be honest, their fries were slightly undercooked but the whole experience of eating fish and chips from a paper cone that you can insert in the holes of their specially-designed tables makes it very fun and unique. If you are not in the mood for long line-ups, Sockeye City Grill is a few steps away and has a fish and chips take out window. On a sunny day, the fishing town is the perfect setting to enjoy your greasy feast.

Four locations in Steveston, Port Moody and Port Coquitlam.


Twitter: @Pajos_fishchips

Facebook: /pajosfishandchips


Seafood All Around

Fish and Chips

Another out of town joint is the Crab Shop in North Vancouver. Locals know this store very well as a place to get fresh wild seafood, fish and shellfish for over 40 years. It also has a kitchen and counter where dishes cooked with delicacies from the sea can be enjoyed. This seafood heaven offers unpretentious fish and chips prepared with their home made batter and tartar sauce that you can savour next to live crab tanks. The fish is very crispy outside (beyond golden brown) but moist inside and the skin-on fries make a good pair. It sure is a good excuse to visit the North Shore and go for a hike or a walk on one of the many breath-taking trails!

Address: 2455 Dollarton Hwy,  North Vancouver

Phone: 604-929-1616


Twitter: @theCrabShop

Sea in the City

Fish and Chips

If you cannot go to the sea, the sea will come to you with two food trucks offering delicious fish and chips to enjoy in the heart of the city. One of them is Fresh Local Wild known for, well, its fresh local and wild ingredients sourced as much as possible from local fishermen, ethical farms and sustainable wild harvest.

One of their staple dishes is — you guessed it — fish and chips made from steelhead, cod or halibut. They even brag about their truck being powered by Fish N’ Chips as the oil in their deep fryers is re-purposed to fuel the truck. Another unique thing about this truck: it has a mini patio at the back! The other food truck famous for this treat is The Daily Catch bringing to Commercial Drive residents and visitors some mobile food fun. It is conveniently parked next to Grandview Park. Cod, salmon and halibut coated in a beer batter and fried to perfection is what’s in store for you. The Daily Catch is also a sustainable seafood shop on the Drive expertly using the truck to tease your taste buds and showcase its products.

Please keep eating fish and chips so we do not let summer get away! Share with us what’s special about your fish and chips eating experience.