Where to find a Tim Hortons Buffalo Crunch Donut

Dec 19 2017, 7:53 pm

First, pack your bags. Second, book your flight. There is indeed a Tim Hortons selling a chicken-wing inspired Buffalo Crunch Donut, but it’s only in one place for a limited time.

First, what is a Buffalo Crunch Donut? We’ll let Grub Street break it down:

It consists of a pull-apart yeast doughnut that’s dunked in Buffalo sauce and crusted with crushed-up chips. It combines a staggeringly high number of junk-food influences (Buffalo sauce, tortilla chips, doughnuts) while still managing to make sense. The corn-chip strips in the center are decorative, and the doughnut comes in mild and hot varieties — mild is “toned down” with Ranch dressing.

This unique (and meat-free!) concoction retails for a mere $2 (U.S.) and is only available at the New York State Fair.

Sorry, guys.

The Buffalo Crunch Donut was created by Anthony McEachern, a franchisee of three Tim Hortons coffee shops in Syracuse, New York, reports Global. McEachern, it’s worth noting, is actually Canadian.

The timing of the appearance of this over-the-top over-the-border Tim Hortons treat is raising eyebrows, in light of the recent Burger King buyout of the Canadian coffee and donuts chain. But Tim Hortons and McEachern attest that the spicy, crunchy donut was dreamed up long before the business deal was making headlines. “It’s all current Tim Hortons products that we’ve just had a bit of fun with,” McEachern told Global.

Once again, Tim Hortons is faking out fans with news of savoury-sweet donut mashups, like they did recently with their rumoured new “Achin’ For Bacon” donut.

While the merger of Buffalo wing flavours and a fluffy donut is as real as the new partnership between Tim Hortons and Burger King, don’t expect to see “donut burgers” on either chain’s menu anytime soon. For that, you’ll have to chase down Vancouver’s Dougie Dog food truck.



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