5 financial tips for saving on your summer vacation

Dec 19 2017, 11:34 pm

Everyone needs a break and get away from the city once in a while. Summer is the prime time to go out on an adventure – and it’s just around the corner! Here are a few tips on how to save and spend smart on your next vacation.

Air fair (transportation)

There are a variety of different websites that offer you a competitive outlook of pricing for flights, like FlightHub or even searching on Google Flights. They provide a more efficient search engine that show flights from not one website but multiple.

Image: Traveling/ Shutterstock

Image: Traveling/ Shutterstock

Hotel and accommodation

Instead of paying the overpriced one or two night accommodation fees for a hotel, why not try Airbnb, a trusted community marketplace where people are able to list, discover and book unique accommodations around the world. It not only makes it easier and cheaper but also brings a unique travel experience where you connect with people and the environment you reside in.

Currency exchange

Whatever you do, DO NOT procrastinate and be forced to exchange your money at an airport or bank! Airport currency exchange kiosks have horrific rates that will gauge your pockets even before your trip begins. The banks do not specialize in foreign currency – they will charge you higher rates plus service fees and may even require you to come back another day while they order your cash. Talk about inconvenience!

Plan ahead and be smart with your hard earned money. Before you head off on your vacation, stop by Vancouver Bullion & Currency Exchange to pick up your destination currency (over 100 currencies available). It’s always a good idea to have cash on hand when you arrive in another country; you will most likely need foreign cash for a taxi, tipping or food upon arrival. At your destination, you may not be familiar with where the local currency exchange is located, so spend less time searching and more time relaxing by the pool sipping on your margarita!

Image: Currency Exchange/ Shutterstock

Image: Currency Exchange/ Shutterstock


It’s definitely easier to eat at your hotel, but that could end up costing you an arm and a leg. Instead, do some research before leaving to find the best spots to check out. Sometimes, a 10 minute walk or five minute taxi ride could end up saving you 50 to 75 per cent of what you would pay eating at the hotel!

Avoid tourist traps

Save the effort and expenses of going to the typical tourist attractions where you end up disappointed. They are really no different from the millions of photos on the internet of them in every angle possible. Venture out of your comfort zone and walk into the streets, enjoy the subtle notable cultures within the walls of the city.

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