Get this stress-free grass on your apartment's balcony to lift your mood

Aug 27 2016, 12:26 am

A recent study shows green space helps curb depression and makes us happier too.

But those who want that green space at their own homes might feel a little frustrated. Many assume that it’s not possible to have greenery in an apartment space, whereas busy house owners often don’t have time to maintain any sort of vegetation.

But what most people don’t realize is that you can have green grass at home that requires zero maintenance. FG Lawns can place a flawless synthetic grass on your apartment’s balcony or your house’s lawn to give you hassle-free greenery.

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An artificial lawn means you’ll never have to do yard work, commit to fertilizing, watering, weed-whacking, or any other any expensive tasks to fix unruly grass. You’ll never have to deal with a yellow, wilted look or hire someone to deal with it.

Daily Hive sat down with Bobby from FG Lawns to ask about his services.

Why did you start FG Lawns?

I was never happy with my lawn. I could never get it looking the way I wanted and for a while I thought someone was playing a joke on me when I would wake up in the morning and see my lawn rolled up…that’s until I found out raccoons are notorious for this. In 2009 I finally gave up on my lawn and installed artificial grass at my house. I soon took notice that many other people were having trouble with their lawns too. More and more I saw that home owners and businesses were fighting watering restrictions, pests like the Chafer Beetle, and more. I thought “Wow, I think artificial lawns is the business I should be in”.

What type of feedback have you noticed for artificial lawns?

Probably the biggest comment we get is how real it looks and feels. It’s not like what we remember from years ago. It’s the technological advances of how the grass is made today that makes it safe for everyone including pets, but also for our environment.

What are some ways people are using artificial lawns?

The most common way to use artificial grass is for the front or back yard. But we believe that our product is as good for indoors as for outdoors. You can set it up on your balcony, deck, and patio or even for a children’s play area inside your home.

With so many people moving into apartments, what are the benefits of artificial lawns, especially for children and pets?

Patios, balconies, roof tops and balconies are a large part of our business. Turf is a good choice for these applications since they’re low maintenance. So many apartments and condo owner have pets, and artificial turf is pet friendly plus they tend not to want to eat or it like real grass.

FG lawns also installs its artificial grass for townhomes and home installations. You can visit the business in person at its Burnaby showroom, located at 5628 Imperial Street. You can also call them at 604-430-5296 for more information.

Check out FG Lawns for more information about its artificial lawn services. Stay in the know via Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter and remember to ask about their Air Miles program.

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