#FF - @jonathanbuyco

Name and Twitter handle: Jonathan Buyco @jonathanbuyco

Occupation: Software Engineer / Web Developer for Reinvent

A notable moment on Twitter? Once, in Banff, I tweeted about a cab driver booting us out of his car. We were trying to find our way back to our cabin in Canmore–and as soon as he picked us up, he kicked us out. The next morning I recieved some replies about the incident and long story short, was brought up at the following Banff city council meeting.

Your best Tweet: I can’t think of one in particular, but I did a quick search and this one made me laugh:

“Always Google sellers from Craigslist before meeting with them. I may have just saved my life from this seller: http://twitpic.com/2zeo3w

What did you want to be growing up? First I wanted to be a paleontolgist. Then I wanted to be a Transformer.. then a Ninja Turtle.. then I realized I could be anything I want to be. So, I think when I grow up I want to be a professional Street Fighter player.

If you could have dinner with 1 person (dead or alive) who would it be? Michael Scott. You read that correctly. Not Steve Carell, rather his fictional counterpart. There can’t possibly be anyone that dumb and hilarious in real life. But, that being impossible, I’d settle for a close second: Kristin Kreuk–so I can apologize for my behavior and the first time we met.. but I understand, I hate it when people stare at me too.

Your claim to fame: After some extensive research, trial-and-error, I developed my own technique called the reverse-fibonacci and in 2005 I ate 6 saltine crackers in 60 seconds.

Do you know of a hidden gem in our city? Not so sure if it’s hidden anymore, since most of my FourSquare checkins are there, but LA Chicken is my favorite place for fried chicken. Maybe this should be my claim to fame. Once, with some friends, I was challeneged to eat 6 pieces of chicken. I ate 7.

If you were a superhero, who would you be and why? The easy answer would be Professor X or Superman… heros who can do anything. I’m going to take the high road and say Deadpool. He’s got the regenitive powers of Wolverine, and is as mentally unstable as he is hilarious. I wish I could be hilarious.

If you were a vegetable, what would you be and why? An onion because I have many layers. Also because I will make you cry if you try to cut me.

Recommend a fellow Twitterer who deserves some recognition? I’ll have to drop a shout out to my homeboy @Pius729. I see him most days on my way home from work for a casual high five and usually his enligtening opinion. Not only that.. if you ask him nicely enough, he might put some goalie gear on and let you take a couple shots on him.


Describe yourself in 3 words: Hard-working, alpha-male, jackhammer.. merciless. Insatiable.