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Dec 19 2017, 4:41 am

Name: Colene
Twitter Handle: @colene (personal) @langaracollege (work)
Occupation: Marketing and Communications for Langara College

Coolest Twitter Moment or what is your favorite thing about Twitter?

I’ll answer both! It’s cool that I was asked to be featured on Vancity Buzz. That’s a huge compliment and I’m flattered to be singled out based on my tweets. My fave thing about Twitter? I’m a very curious person so I love how Twitter lets me learn and discover new things, especially things related to Vancouver, art, design and food. Then I get to share the love by retweeting and linking for other people.

If you were a superhero, who would you be and why?

I’d love to be Batman because I want all of his gadgets and the batmobile. Plus, who wouldn’t want a lovable butler like Alfred?

Your favorite place to eat a burger?

Aside from my mom’s kitchen, I’d have to say Splitz on Main St. DIY burger? Yes, please! Hold the onions.

Something you do every day?

I love photography and usually take at least one photo a day. I have a variety of cameras (a small sampling seen in my photo above) and now that I have an iPhone 4, there’s even more opportunities for photos with fun filters.

On a Friday night, you will be:_______________

I like checking out events around the city like film festivals, art shows, or new restaurants/bars. Most of the time it’s based on things that I find from Twitter!

Recommend a fellow Twitterer that deserves some recognition:

Ack, I can’t just choose one!

@maurice always has such interesting tweets about art, design, food, photography, basically all the things I’m interested in and love! He’s also a really great photographer himself.

I like @woodwardsmile for tweets about art, culture, and Vancouver, particularly Gastown.
@scoutmagazine is great for a mix of Vancouver news and culture. Love the restaurant news and sneak peeks.

Describe yourself in 3 words:

Curious, creative, hungry.

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