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Dec 19 2017, 12:40 pm

Name: Alan C.
Twitter Handle: @ac_awesome
Occupation: Entertainment Industry

Coolest Twitter Moment or what is your favourite thing about Twitter? I love the immediacy of it and the brief, random thoughts or bursts of information from Tweeters. I don’t read many blogs as I get information overload in my daily life anyway. Twitter lets me get small nuggets of info or entertainment or chats with people I like, and I get to spit out random thoughts in my head, hopefully entertaining some people. My favourite moments are when I know I made someone laugh. I had a couple of celebrities retweet me, but it’s not the fame I enjoy… it’s the fact that I made them laugh directly and they wanted to share that tweet with others. Actually, 24 Hours or the Metro quoted me once, too… I wish I kept a copy of it so my parents can be proud I mocked something publicly and didn’t go to jail.

If you were a superhero, who would you be and why? Easy: Wolverine, because I don’t like chopping lettuce, and I could do it so much faster. If I were at fancy galas where they serve hors d’oeuvres and ran out of toothpicks? *SNIKT* Problem solved. Also: paper cuts would heal much faster than my current feeble body does. CURSE THIS FEEBLE BODY!!

Your favorite place to eat? IN… MY…. MOUTH! I love food and going out and trying new places, but some not-as-trendy regular places I love going to are MARTINI’S on Broadway (they have THE BEST calamari and THE BEST hummus and pita, no contest.), GUU GARLIC and GYOZA KING on Robson (SO AMAZING for non-sushi Japanese food), and THE WOODEN SHOE on Cambie (they have like 35 varieties of Dutch pannekoeken and my favourite Eggs Benedict in the city). As @erin_ireland would say, I always make my “To Die For Face” when I eat at those places.

Something you do every day? Wake up tired in the morning, go to sleep too late at night. Repeat. (Twitter is partly responsible)

On a Friday night, you will be: Typically, I’ll either fly to Vegas or New York with some friends and party at some exclusive club or a movie premiere or album launch or something boring like that. Oh, you mean in REALITY? I have a loving wife and 2 young boys I get to spend all weekend with at various kids activities…. IN OUTER SPACE! Or Richmond. Or Disneyworld. Sometimes Langley. Usually in town, though.

Recommend a fellow Twitterer that deserves some recognition: Oh boy, there’s so many, I can’t pick just one, so here’s three:

@erin_ireland – Not that she needs more followers per se, but I think she embodies the perfect tweeter: She tweets what’s going on in her day, but not all day, and only things that are worth mentioning (usually FOOD-related!). She engages her followers with local happenings and often culls great ideas for her TV show via her followers. I would LOVE for her to have a show on The Food Network. She’d be perfect for it. A great follow for Vancouver foodies and the entertainment scene.

@doozywhoop – She’s hilarious. Office worker by day, budding artist by night. She’s one of my first twitter finds and really showed me how Twitter can not only be a form of entertainment, but a forum to express your personal, crazy thoughts. She’s a great follow if you like artsy/Etsy stuff, fashion, or just enjoy laughing at funny things on the internet like animated gifs of people getting slapped. That’s her specialty.

@LDCrichton – Ok, this one’s a shameless plug. She’s a friend of mine who’ll be publishing her first young adult fiction novel soon. Think potential Stephenie Meyer or Suzanne Collins! A great follow for: Aspiring novel writers, book-lovers, and Calgarians!

Describe yourself in 3 words: Little. Yellow. Different.

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