Unique Vancouver watch designer surpasses crowdfunding campaign goal

Dec 19 2017, 1:32 pm

“I was always fascinated with watches,” said designer Nil Shahbakhshi. “There was a specific watch design in my mind and I couldn’t find anything similar to it in the market.”

Inspired by a sports car tachometer, Shahbakhshi looked to create a modern watch with a classic look, and ended up designing something new, unique and the outcome of obsession with sports cars and luxury watches: Ferro Watch.


You’ll notice right away what makes the Ferro Watch different: it’s single arm with just numbers and mark lines, which is supposed to look like the tachometer panel of a sports car. “For this reason, I only put one hand to keep the aesthetics of the speed gauge,” Shahbakhshi told us.

There’s two colours currently designed – a red hand on the black watch, giving it a very sporty look, and the vintage combination of brown and white, giving it a classic push.

SET (1)

The most different thing you’ll need to get used to is the watch’s time reading. Rather than standard mark lines for individual minutes, Ferro Watch’s lines represent:

  • Smallest = 5 minute increments
  • Medium = 15 minute increments
  • Large = 30 minute increments
  • Extra large = 1 hour increments

ferro watch time

The arm revolves around the watch once every 12 hours, twice per day.

Here are some examples of time telling on the Ferro Watch:

ferro watch time telling

Their Kickstarter campaign started with a goal of $6,000 – and they surpassed this very quickly, now with over $70,000 raised. To see more about the project or to back them, visit their Kickstarter page.

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