Fear the Walking Dead Comic-Con trailer released

Dec 19 2017, 4:13 pm

The official Comic-Con trailer for Fear the Walking Dead shows a glimpse of what life was right before the emergence of walkers.

The trailer, released on Friday on AMC’s YouTube channel, depicts a time where strange happenings were taking place around the world.

“Good morning Maddie. A lot of kids are sick today, I thought you were another victim.”

“No, I got my flu shot.”

The six-episode series is a dramatic irony where the characters have no idea what is to come, but we know, well, zombies are coming. The show is based in LA (filmed in Vancouver) with new characters and storyline as part of a two-season order by AMC.

The zombie scenes in Fear the Walking Dead won’t be all comparable to the Walking Dead. Seasons premiere director Greg Nicotero previously said, “We still have a couple of our signature moments in the first couple of episodes, but it’s not necessarily the decomposition that we do in The Walking Dead. You still feel the humanity there. You still see a bit of life in their eyes.”

The series will slowly unravel and the characters find out what’s happening.

Fear of the Walking Dead is set to premiere on August 23.

[youtube id=”WDxew5SguVw”]