Father's Day gifts under $50

Dec 19 2017, 7:37 am

Father’s day is just around the corner. Have you thought about what you’re getting dad this year? As much as he’d love another tie, or a new pair of socks, how about trying something a little more creative this year? Think about what dad’s hobbies are. Is he a golfer, techie, or gardener? Get him a gift that will complement his hobbies.

Is dad addicted to Candy Crush? He’s probably killing his iPhone battery. Give him the mophie Juice Pack. It’s a small portable battery that he can plug into his iPhone when he needs just five more minutes to finish level 78. You can find this at Chapters or Apple. About $35

Now for dads on the opposite side of the spectrum. Does he still carry around a paperback book? Get dad into the 21st century with a Kobo Mini. I personally used to love reading “real” books. I was convinced I would hate using an e-reader. But I was hooked after using a Kobo for a couple of days. You can get them at Chapters. The price varies from $50 to $70. Just keep your eye out for sales!

If he’s more into gardening, this Sky Planter is awesome. I recommended this gift for Mother’s Day as well. It’s just so cool! It’s an upside down pot! Dad can hang it inside, or outside. You can find this at Art Knapps on Hornby Street. About $35.

Dad’s first Father’s Day? This is a great opportunity to get sappy! Get a plain picture frame from a craft store, and stamp it with baby’s hand and foot prints. Or does he refuse to carry the baby pink or blue diaper bag? Nudge him in the right direction by getting him a “manly” diaper bag. Babies R Us has some great options.

Does dad like to snack? You can help him snack healthier with a snacks subscription. Local Vancouver company, Snackbox, sends healthy, and all-natural snacks to subscribers once a month. Plans start at $24 per month. You can get 50 per cent off your first Snackbox with the VANCITYBUZZ coupon. https://getsnackbox.com

And if you must get dad another tie, at least do something more creative…like this iPhone case!

Now stop procrastinating, and go get your dad a gift! Father’s Day is on June 16th!


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Photo credit: Kobo, Boskke, mophie (first image), Recyclart (second image)