10 fashionable apparel items that will have you singing in the rain

Dec 19 2017, 11:27 pm

As Vancouverites, we are experts at surviving the rainy days of spring. Our wardrobes, however, may not be quite as prepared.

Dressing for the rain does not have to mean forgoing fashion; these days there are plenty of style options to keep you looking great while braving the elements. We have scoured the Internet for the best umbrellas, boots, jackets and accessories for the rain and have come up with a top 10 list.

Here are our top 10 rainy day items for all you fashionistas:

1. Kartell “Demi Sofia” Rain Boot – $165


Image: Kartell

This ankle boot is gorgeous by any standard, let alone the rain boot standard. If you want something that you can get away with wearing all day at the office, this is definitely the boot for you. The turtle dove colour is a favourite, but this boot also comes in a number of other colours including black, grey and plum.

2. MEC “Bon Vivant” Jacket – $170


Image: MEC

There are a couple key things to look for in choosing a rain jacket in addition to the obvious ‘water proof fabric’.

First, whether the jacket has added flaps covering the zipper or snap pockets in order to keep anything inside your pocket dry. Second, whether the stitching at the seams is also made of water resistant material. And finally, the usual suspects of fit and comfort. This MEC jacket hits the nail on the head for all of these criteria. It also comes in three colours – dark plum, black olive and black.

3. Blunt XS Metro + Tile Umbrella – $86


Image: Blunt Umbrellas

Blunt Umbrellas, one of the top umbrella designers in North America, recently released this “tech” umbrella. It has their usual warranty & expert construction with the addition of a TILE app feature.

With the use of the downloadable TILE app, you can find your umbrella in your house (it will play music to guide you to it) or if you’ve lost it. For those of us who go through umbrellas on a weekly basis because we lose them (and who doesn’t do that?!), the app allows you to find out the geographic location of your lost umbrella so that you can go and retrieve it.

4. Baggu “All Weather Bag” – $140


Image: Baggu

This bag is great for anyone who commutes to work on foot or by bike. Trying to keep your stuff dry while commuting is always a struggle, and this purse makes it easy. It’s stylish but also totally water resistant. It comes in black, bright blue and red.

5. COACH “Tristee” Rubber Rain Boot – $148


Image: COACH

It’s nice to see a matte rain boot amongst all the shiny vinyl. Clearly this boot is not for the fashion wallflower, but if you are looking to make a statement, these boots definitely do the trick. The ribbon detailing up the back adds a feminine touch that keeps this traditionally shaped boots from looking like you are going to wade through a pond.

6. Ted Baker London “Berklean” Waterproof Rain Boot


Image: Ted Baker

Like the COACH boot, this rain boot adds enough of a unique element to keep the standard rain boot shape fashionable. The mixed material here is both visually appealing and adds a level of comfort that is not found in a standard knee high rain boot (let’s face it, rubber half way up your leg is not exactly flexible or comfortable). The gold accent detailing also helps turn these rain boots into fashionable boots that you could wear throughout the day.

7. Innate Active Travel Umbrellas – $41


Image: Innate

This local B.C. company is gaining serious traction for the durable construction of their umbrellas. They have a series of travel umbrellas perfect for Vancouver commuters (my favourite is the Fjord Folding Trekking Umbrella). Innate is also great because they use a “clean design” process for all of their umbrellas which serves to minimize their ecological footprint.

8. Seasalt Cornwall “Seafolly Jacket” – $131


Image: Seasalt Cornwall

Seasalt Cornwall is a leader in fashionable rain gear. They have a number of different water resistant and waterproof fabrics that they have designed and perfected over time. The Seafolly jacket – which comes in over eight bright colours by the way – is part of their “Tin Cloth” fabric collection. This material is made of an organic cotton base that is later waterproofed. This makes for a breathable, lightweight jacket, a nice change from the standard “sweat-to-death-while-you-wear-it” rain coat.

9. Seasalt Cornwall “Hellweather Mac” Jacket – $200


Image: Seasalt Cornwall

It was necessary to add another Seasalt Cornwall jacket to this top 10 list. Their jackets are just that good. This one is made of their original nylon weave material which is both waterproof and wind resistant. It comes in a number of neutral shades. The longer length to this one is perfect for those really rainy days where the wind seems to blow the rain directly sideways onto you (you all know what I mean). Fit is also a careful consideration in this coat, which boasts a slim fit silhouette and a dip hemline (which is universally flattering).

10. SLOOSH Italy “Classic” Rain Boot – $290



The beauty of this boot is that it moves completely away from the standard rain boot shape into a more slim, streamlined silhouette. The boot looks more like a riding boot than it does a rain boot. As such, this is the perfect all-day boot for the days when you don’t want to worry about changing footwear at the office. Paired with dark denim or black skinny dress pants and a blazer, this boot can definitely take you through your day. It also comes in black and navy.


Written by Leanne T.

Leeanne T. is a multi-tasker to the extreme. The Vancouverite is a young professional, a philanthropist, and a fashion blogger at LegalLee Blonde. Her fashion blog caters to 20-something women like herself looking for fun, trendy outfits for the weekend as well as chic professional looks for the office. Bold colours and sleek lines are her jam.

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