Canadian Style Makers: Peter Ty as The Starving Stylist

Dec 19 2017, 7:42 am

Peter Ty was born and raised in Vancouver and has been blogging on fashion for the past four years via his wildly successful blog titled The Starving Stylist.  As a former fashion merchandising graduate from Vancouver’s Blanche MacDonald Centre, Peter knows first hand the hard work and dedication it takes to make it in Canada’s fashion industry.

This summer we take a look at fashion bloggers and fashion stylists from the West Coast to the East Coast of Canada. Exploring their outlook on fashion at home and abroad. This week we chat with local Vancouverite Peter Ty, discussing fashion trends, the business of fashion and how he has used social media to propel his fashion blog – The Starving Stylist.

Vancity Buzz spoke with Peter about his fashion career and the development of his blog. His genuine nature and quick-witted responses make Peter an instant favourite. How could you not enjoy his banter and sharp-tongued humour? By day, Peter is a visual merchandiser and display stylist, but by night he is a Prada wearing, event hopping, champagne sipping fashion blogger with a flare for business. Follow his rants and raves at The Starving Stylist. He is bound to make you laugh, and the best part is – he does not take himself too seriously!

Peter shares with Vancity Buzz some exclusive news that he has yet to share with his own fans and followers.

“Okay, this is totally a VanCity Buzz exclusive…I love Vancouver, this has always been my home. However, it is time to grow and I am moving to Toronto this fall! It will allow me new opportunities for my career and my own personal development,” says Peter.

The Prada bags might not be packed yet for Peter, but the planning has begun, sharing this news with Vancity Buzz, well really – a quarter of a million monthly readers,  might mean a few more good-bye parties and a lot more summer cocktails in the months to come.

What is your take on social media, which sites do you use?

It’s incredible and very powerful—a couple types, a click here or there and maybe a hashtag or two and information is sent and received globally within seconds. . .I frequently use Facebook, Twitter and Instagram for my blog under the name StarvingStylist.

I personally find Instagram the most effective and also Twitter when an image is included in the Tweet because people can easily associate with a visual more so than just words.

What are the biggest misconceptions people have of the work you do?

That it’s overly glamorous and is a job that doesn’t require elbow grease—f anything, it requires you to get really down and dirty to get the job done well.

Where do you usually shop for your own clothes?

I take annual trips to New York or San Francisco and really splurge on my wardrobe during those times. But in general, I do most of my shopping online in the comfort of my own home happily in my underwear with no pesky salespeople around to harass me.

What accessories are you into currently?

A good watch. I never leave the house without completing my entire look with a watch on my wrist.

Are you into vintage clothes? 

Yes, I certainly am. Some of my best pieces in my wardrobe are vintage and my favourite is my wool, double breasted, 3/4 length sleeved blazer by Guy Laroche.

What fashions in our closets should we burn? 

Burn all your ill-fitting and bootcut jeans along with those obnoxious graphic tees with ridiculous statements like, “I’m good in bed—I can sleep for days.” Oh and while you’re at it, torch your Ugg boots in the fire too.

Who is your favourite designer in Canada and outside of Canada?

My favourite designer in Canada is Greta Constantine. They are absolutely refreshing and innovative — love their work! And as for outside of Canada, of course the brilliant Tom Ford would definitely be my favourite.

What shoes do you tend to wear the most? 

I have an affinity towards slippers and loafers especially from Stubbs and Wootton, but I also tend to wear a lot of boots from John Fluevog.

When you are collaborating with hair and beauty stylists, what is important for you in that relationship?

It’s all about having similar points of view and visions. There needs to be a mutual perspective on both parties or else the execution will have a poor end result.


What advice can you give aspiring stylists/fashion writers, who want to break into market?

Network, network and network. Fashion is the industry of hustle and you get the job by knowing people and creating bonds with them and not by sitting at home and just sending out resumes.

Have you been to NYC or Toronto fashion week?

Sadly, not yet, but with my move to Toronto this Fall I definitely will have the opportunity to finally attend and I’m ecstatic for the experience!

What trends do you love at the moment?

I love the biker leather jacket. I don’t necessarily consider it a trend but more so a classic look that has always been around — you can wear it with anything, dressed up or dressed down, it gives a nice edge to any look.

What current or all time trends do you dislike the most?

Tracksuits. Ugh. You’re basically just wearing pyjamas with racing stripes or with an obnoxious logo stamped on your ass out in public. STOP IT.

Do you have a your own signature look?

All black — from head to toe in complete black. There is always one day [even more sometimes] in a week that I dress in all black.

Do you follow international trends?

I, of course, absolutely admire European trends and how classic, refined and detailed they are with their looks. But also recently, I have been taking some inspiration with Korean trends and how polished their looks are, but always with a certain edgy look to it.

What inspires Peter Ty?

I get my inspiration from street style fashion. I can happily just grab a coffee and sit outside on a patio for hours watching people walk by and looking at their personal style. As cliche as it sounds, the streets are like a runway and everyone is their own model in their own fantastic way.

If we could look into your closet what would we see?

You will definitely see a lot of black, white, grey but with shots of reds and cobalt blues. But of course, what stands out the most are the shoes. An entire side of my walk-in closet is a wall of shoes upon shoes. . .it’s a little out of control of how many pairs of shoes I have.

Are you reading any fashion books at the moment? 

Yes, I definitely do. I am currently reading Grace Coddington’s memoir, which is a fantastic fun read. As for recommendations, I think anyone who wants to aspire into the fashion industry must read Kelly Cutrone’s book, If You Have to Cry Go Outside: And Other Things Your Mother Never Told You – it’s a book full of tough-love truths and motivation tips everyone should know.

Did you have any signature looks in your past, maybe something you wish to forget!?

My look has evolved A LOT from what it used to look like. I was big on brand names and always wore shirts with labels splashed across the chest like a billboard when I was younger. But, as of now, my look has definitely evolved into something more conservative and dapper but with a touch of downtown edge to it and definitely no visible logos splashed across anywhere on my body.

Did you always want to be in fashion? 

I didn’t always know I wanted to be in fashion, but I definitely knew that I enjoyed it a lot. Aside from fashion I have a strong liking towards interior design and home decor, so maybe that’s something I might even dabble into in the future!


Written by Garth W. Jackson, connect with Garth on Twitter @Gjaxluxe.

Images submitted by Peter Ty