Fashion Fix - Valentine's Day Gift Guide Part 1

Dec 19 2017, 9:37 am

Ah Valentine’s day, the Hallmark holiday used to shower one another with rainbows and unicorns, or how the other half of the world sees it – Single’s Awareness Day.

Regardless of what team you play for, there’s really never a bad time to spoil yourself, or someone you care for. Here are some fabulous gift ideas for your special lady, that won’t break the bank.

Get creative!

The only thing that really counts for brownie points is effort (or diamonds) on this special day. And nothing says effort like a date package. Gift card/reservations to a great restaurant, movie tickets to chick flick, and a box of candy for munching. Hopefully she takes you on this date, 2 for 1 bonus deal. (Movie tickets here)

A Piece of Luxury

Valentine's Day Gift Guide 1

Can’t afford the real $7,500 bag (top photo)? Not a problem! The latest trend has been luxury designer bags turned into iPhone cases. How adorable is this lego brick inspired Chanel? Adorbs. (Available here)

 Fancy High Tea

Valentine's Day Gift Guide 3

Nothing says high class more than pinkys up during tea time.  Luxury hotels like the Shangri-La offer this wonderful dining experience, complete with flavorful teas and tiers of yummy finger food! Afternoon tea service starts at $34 a person and is open to everyone. (Shangri-La High Tea)

Valentine’s Day is really just a day to spoil the people you care about, whether you spend $50 or $500 on your boo thang– it’s the gesture and good intentions that count! If you’ve already got your Valentine’s Day planned, tell us about it and drop a line below.

Stay tuned for part 2 of the Valentine’s Day Gift Guide for your man, coming soon!