Fashion Fix - Studded shoes on men? Yay or nay?

Dec 19 2017, 1:39 pm

Happy Monday, everyone!

I just deleted an entire post about chicks and kicks just so that I could get this off of my chest… okay here goes, what is up with dudes and lady like foot wear?

The whole bejeweled t-shirt thing I will never understand, and that tiger encrusted rhinestone sweatshirt phase – I’m not even trying to understand, but just when I thought we were getting back to men dressing like gentlemen, they’ve caught on to last season’s biggest women’s craze – STUDS and bling.

Do you know what the crazy thing is? These are designer shoes that sell in the 1000s! I gotta tell you, I dont know if I’ll ever warm up to the idea of a bedazzled man shoe. Do I really want to be in a shoe competition with a dude? I think not. I have enough competition with all the beautiful women in Vancouver, I dont think I can handle anymore. If you’re a guy, would you wear them? And to the ladies, would you think these are appropriate for your man? I’d love to hear your thoughts on this. Maybe someone can sway my opinion.

Half the appeal must be the label, in no way would you walk into Payless shoes and cop a pair of studded loafers, but the other half of the appeal I’m not so sure about. As a woman, I would not hestiate to wear leopard flats or white studded loafers, honestly these are sick shoes! But I’m just not quite sure I’d be comfortable if I couldn’t tell his closet apart from mine.. catch my drift?  Maybe it’s our fault for stealing their “boyfriend” cardigans, and their “boyfriend” jeans. Are we to blame for them wanting to wear “girlfriend” shoes now? hmmm.

Okay final thought- I’m sorry (I’m actually not sorry), but I think studded shoes look way better and more appropriate on women. I’d really love to meet the first guy that ever studded a shoe, and I’d also like to meet the other guy that saw that and said, “hey that looks good.” We need to talk.

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