Fashion Fix - Jeweler extraordinaire, Dannijo

Dec 19 2017, 1:41 pm

Good morning, gorgeous! What a lovely Vancouver day out, perfect weather for our most favorite day of the week :). Before you jump out your 4th story office window, I have some colorful treats to get you on the right path today. Ladies, say hello to one of my favorite designers, Dannijo.

To sum up Dannijo would include words like, psychedelic, amazeballs, and neck party. Notice that I left out the phrase, arm party, sorry but if I hear that phrase out of another woman’s mouth I might just have to get physical. For those who aren’t in the know, an arm party is when you wear stacks on stacks on stacks of bangles, bracelets, and whatever DIY jewelry you made on your wrists, resulting in a hot mess which equals a party.. on your arm.

None of the pieces are of the cookie cutter type, nor do they fit in any category. Think statement jewelry, times a milli milli milli. Over the top, colorful, ethnic, tribal, in your face – body icing. Trust me, you won’t be mad at these!  So without further ado, say hello to loin quivering Monday morning jewelry picks!

Kixxy $795 / Kinsley $695 / Cosima $595 – oh how I adore bib necklaces! Got some food stuck in there? No problem, it’s part of the necklace now, we call that art.

Bea $945 / Hart $420 / Thompson $320 – I love jewelry that can double as a weapon. This bangle could hurt somebody.

Amos $170 / Vika $230 / Adrian $298 / Henrik $98 – I’m so in love with this iPhone case my heart hurts a little.

Okay I said I wouldn’t mention arm party (ugh, shivers), but these ladies did such a great job of making their wrists beautiful with the help of Dannijo I couldn’t help but share:

With top notch jewelry comes private jet like prices, a bit more than your average Forever21 or Aldo steeze (okay a lot more) but you’d be purchasing a piece of art. And if all else fails, Santa works 365 days a year so feel free to send in your Christmast wishlist a little early. I just hope you’ve been good this year.

Let me know if you like these, we can start a Dannijo support group! Until then, catch me here and here. Ciao, love!

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