Fashion Fix – Jane Kim of Illustration & Things

Dec 19 2017, 11:18 am

Once in a while, you come across art that not only catches your eye, but makes your heart skip a beat because the talent is Vancouver’s very own! I came across Jane Kim of Illustration & Things and knew I had to share her amazing work! Her art is fun, bright and always seems to put you in some sort of happy mood. There’s just something so captivating about her seamless illustrations, I can never get enough!

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pic20140709100047 Loving these fashion prints. From large custom prints, pillow covers to personalized greeting cards – there’s a bit of something for everyone. You can’t help but smile and gush over some of the adorable cards (see below). Jane Kim card For those wanting to know more about the talented Jane Kim, today’s your lucky day! Jane KIm

Who are you and what do you do?

Name: Jane Kim / Full-time UI/UX Designer, Founder of Illustrations & Things, Freelance Designer Illustrations & Things offers handmade prints, stationery and home decor which can be purchased online and through I&T’s Etsy store. Wholesale opportunities are also available which brings mutual benefit to both I&T and fellow entrepreneurs. Freelance design services in user-interface and user-experience design, graphic design and illustrations.

Have you always known you were going to grow up to be an artist/designer? (did you doodle lots as a kid?)

JK: I always knew I wanted to be in the creative field. It was just something that I was really drawn to since I can remember. When I was a child I started drawing, sketching, doodling and painting because I was so obsessed with the idea of creating something from nothing. I spent a lot of time watching animated movies and looking through art books because I was so incredibly drawn to things that were imaginative and visually appealing. I loved how different artists and designers from around the world were able to create things that showcased skills, talent and their own personal and creative style and I really wanted to be able to do that.

Where do you gain inspiration from?

It’s funny but I actually gain a lot of inspiration from things I illustrated in my childhood. The things I create today are things I would’ve created years ago. Maybe if you compare the the work from then and now it might look a little different since I have been practicing a long time to hone in on my own style, but the things I draw now are the kinds of things I would have drawn as a younger Jane. Maybe in that aspect, I never really grew up. jane kim coffee

Are there any artists/designers you look up to?

I look up to so many designers out there. My coworkers, the people I follow on social media – there are too many to name. I think there are so many talented people out there that deserve a lot more credibility than I do. It’s amazing how talented people are.

What has been your biggest “I made it” moment?

To be honest, I think I’m still waiting for my big “I made it” moment but a very fulfilling moment in my life would have to be the times when people from across the world see my work and leave comments thanking me for putting inspiration into their lives. Especially when young individuals recreate my illustrations and leave me such lovely comments through their drawings they posted (on Instagram, twitter, etc.), it really gives me the greatest fulfillment. You can’t put a price on that kind of feeling. It’s so gratifying. If I were to name another pretty awesome moment, I think the time Starbucks instagram-ed my cup art – that was kind of neat. Jane Kim Starbucks cup

Which pieces are you most proud of/which are your favourite pieces?

I think some of my favorite to date would be: “Creative Explosion” – a very large 72″ x 42″ canvas piece I was commissioned to do: 1-3 A lot of the illustrative hair flowing pieces I have done: pic20140709093748

1. Imagination / 2. Fashion Hair / 3. Flower Head

My “Wanderlust” series (so far I have Paris and Barcelona but will be adding more to the collection – Vancouver, you’re next!) pic20140709084639

1. Wanderlust Paris / 2. Wanderlust Barcelona / 3. Eiffel Tower

What can we expect from Jane Kim?

What can you expect from me? A lot of things are brewing and you can expect to see some new collaborative work with local artists and designers that’s for sure! Definitely expect to continuously see more art, more prints, more illustrations and more designs that hopefully you’ll love to have in your homes or to give to others. I also hope to continue to inspire others and hope to continue to connect with other designers and artists who have the same passion for design and art as I do. pic20140709100511 For those wanting to make a purchase (or 2!), Jane Kim is offering Vancity Buzz readers a discount! Spend a minimum of $10 and automatically get a 20% discount on your purchase(s) by using the coupon code “vancitybuzz” Happy shopping, everyone!