Fashion Fix - How to add a lil' pep(lum) in your step

For those not in the know, the definition of peplum is a short overskirt that is usually attached to a fitted jacket, blouse or dress. With that being said, the first image that comes to mind is usually of a tacky 80’s outfit with ruffles on ruffles on ruffles. But not to worry, peplum is nothing like that..well okay it sort of is, but think of it as a modern version minus the tacky factor.

Wondering why peplum is your friend? One word, FLATTERING. It looks great on all body shapes, accentuates the waist and gives the illusion of curves.

Some peplum options:

TOPSHOP Embellished collar / Warehouse baby pink short sleeve / House of Fraser peach top / River Island orange top – Belt adds the perfect dose of girliness.

TOPSHOP Red skirt / Rare London belted mint skirt / House of Fraser purple skirt / Oasis cream skirt – A more defined version of peplum, absolutely gorgeous and sophisticated!

And if you’re looking for a 2 for 1 combo:

Dorothy Perkins belted dress / TOPSHOP tweed dress / Lipsy Sequin dress / Quiz Clothing pattern dress –  These dresses are the perfect blend of class, and style. Timeless dress to pass to your daughters.

For a more daring approach to Peplum, some color choices:

Layla multi colored dress / Coast Store Tina peplum dress / Dorothy Perkins bow dress / Harvey Nichols purple dress – A great way to take peplum up a few notches!

It’s an odd trend to get with, weird material hanging from your waist isn’t always flattering but cut at the right angle, it will do your body wonders. Try it for yourself, and thank me later. xo.