Fashion Fix - Holiday Gift Guide ($100 for HER)

Even as a woman I find shopping for other women very difficult. If it doesn’t bark, or come with a fat price tag I’m usually at a loss for gift ideas. Gift giving isn’t hard, but great gift giving is. For all you ladies and gents out there trying to hook a female up – here are some awesome gift bundle ideas for under $100!

  • Having a designer item isn’t always an option but that doesn’t mean you can’t have a little luxury in your life.

Women love their nail polish, and their designer polish even more. Splurge a little! Chanel anything is always a good gift. (Chanel nail polish)

  • Sweets. Who doesn’t love a little sugar boost during the holidays?

There’s no wrong time to eat macarons; for breakfast, mid day pick me up, or simply because it’s 9 o’clock at night. Definitely the universal gift of good living. (Thomas Haas Macarons)

  • Just because it doesn’t come in a little blue box doesn’t mean Jewelry gifting is out of the question.

The Whitney Wishbone necklace symbolizes  “Showing Your Appreciation” for someone you care about, whether it be a neighbor, cousin, or best friend – a small token of appreciation but with great meaning! (Honeydrip Whitney Wishbone necklace)

  • Sometimes the best gifts aren’t things, but acts of (pampering) services!

We’re on our feet all day and with the cold weather now in full force, it’s no wonder these poor puppies get neglected. Give the gift of service with a nice and relaxing foot massage. (Gold Metal Massage)

Sometimes a bit of this and that comes together to create the ultimate gift bundle. For those that need a little help with gift giving, not to worry – we got you covered. Stay tuned, many more gift idea posts in the coming week!

Would you be happy if you received this gift bundle?