Fashion Fix - Forever21 and Sanrio for Hello Kitty Forever

There’s just something about this cat that makes women of all ages froth at the mouth! Some have outgrown the era of plush toys so we’re thankful for Sanrio’s recent collaboration with Forever21, we  now have age appropriate Hello Kitty clothes!

The collection has over 100 different items, ranging from handbags, jewelry, clothes to even home decor – pink sheets, anyone? Along with Hello Kitty, other classic Sanrio characters are making an appearance such as – Badtz Maru, and Chococat. Okay, enough talk – let’s get crazy!

Seriously, how badass is this Sanrio collab? The all over luxurious prints gives this collection a more mature and grown vibe – and we’re definitely not mad at  that. Such an ill mash up of our favorite childhood cartoons! We’re lovin’ this gangsta Kitty, are you?

To all you Sanrio fiends out there, the collection drops tomorrow at Forever21 – November 16! Happy shopping!