Fashion Fix – Flower Crowns by local talent Crowned By V

Dec 19 2017, 10:55 am

Sasquatch, Pemberton, Coachella, Summerjam, E.D.C. – the list goes on of all the amazing live music festivals that happen every year in beautiful B.C. and around the world. As much as people are there for the music, festival fashion is just as loud!


I’m heading to Electric Daisy Carnival in Las Vegas next week and the first thing I had to make sure I had was a proper flower crown. They’ve been seen everywhere on fashion blogs and celebrities, from red carpet events, backyard weddings to concerts – if there’s a must have festival fashion item, it’s definitely a beautiful flower crown.

Cover twins

For those that aren’t skilled in DIY (aka me), local Vancouver crown designer Vivien Low of “CrownedByV” is the city’s go to for all your flower dome needs! Not only does she hand make each flower crown, you can even request for a customized order.


All their crowns are made with woven bark covered wire, and an adjustable ribbon (choice of champagne, white or black) to tie around the back.

Tender heart

(pictured: Tender Heart)

If you’re looking for a more subtle piece, bun crowns (available soon) are smaller versions of the crowns that can be wrapped around a high bun/top knot – the perfect addition to a summer do!


(pictured: Oasis)

These handmade creations range from $10-$30. Handmade products, local talent, female entrepreneur – all things I’m an advocate for.


(pictured: Monroe)

A message from the designer herself, Vivien Low, on what inspired her to start Crowned By V,

“I am a heavy concert-goer, and along with that I am in love with festival culture.  Festival style enthralls me, and the extent of creativity and personal taste that come into play for music festival outfits and hair inspired me to make crowns that could also be the statement piece in an outfit.  I started making my own flower crowns last year to attend shows and my friends began asking about them.  They started buying flowers to get me me to make crowns for them so I decided this year, I would open it up to everyone.  So far, the reception has been amazing.  The goal is to create something unique for anybody wanting to stand out, that was also the inspiration behind the name “Crowned by V”.  Everybody wants to be queen for a day, I am here to make that happen.”


(pictured: Lilly)

If you haven’t t already noticed, all crowns are named after music icons, as a way to pay tribute to those that inspired and paved the creative path to where it is today.

Crowned By V’s lookbook is dropping this week so all photos here are a sneak peek! I’m seriously loving every single look – can’t wait to rock mine 🙂

Be sure to check out their Facebook and Instagram (@CrownedByV) for further details and shoot Vivien an email at [email protected] to get your order in today!

Happy shopping, everyone!