Fashion Fix - F as in Frank at Knowshow

Dec 19 2017, 6:07 am

Recently Vancitybuzz was invited to Vancouver’s very own lifestyle trade show, Knowshow (think streetwear and everything cool combined into one massive space!) to take a look at F as in Frank’s collection for the upcoming seasons. And let me tell you, they did not disappoint! Adam of FAIF was kind enough to do a run down on all the latest pieces so here’s a preview of what’s about to pop off in the upcoming seasons:

The Molly / The Heidi

The Charlie / The Scarlet

The Polly / The SnaPack (created using leftover materials from their Polly shorts, great use of their resources!)

It was hard not to want everything! After an awesome preview, I sat down with for a fun interview with co-owner and master mind behind the vintage phenom, Jess Heifetz. Here’s a guy that made something out of nothing. A true life story of hard work, dedication and passion paying off.


First off, who are you?

Jesse Heifetz, one half of F as in Frank.

How did the name come about? Who is Frank?

Jesse: My business partner, co-owner, brother, Drew and I would always spell out our last name Heifetz, and when we got to F, we’d say F as in Frank. We joked around about that and eventually used it as our store name.

How did you get started in the industry?

I was in music first but struggling in my early 20s, bussing tables in Toronto just didn’t cut it for me. My dad was in the apparel industry and eventually through the years I started to gain a love for it.

How do you stay inspired and motivated to do something different?

Traveling to LA (attending Rosebowl), Toronto, Japan, (to name a few) definitely helps us stay inspired. Seeing what others do and being in a creative environment keeps us innovative and aids in forecasting trends. Music, artists, and also seeing vintage trends in current fashions gets us hyped! But most importantly our team and awesome people inspire us to do better and continue growing.

Where do you see FAIF in 5 years?

We definitely want to expand and grow as a company and family. In 5 years I’d like to see us have a bigger presence all the while maintaining our tight family vibe, keep our core values alive and grow. I’d also like to see Faith and Snap in larger retailers, they’re brands I truly believe in!

5 words that describe FAIF:


Vintage, family, past, present, future

Favorite collaboration to date:


Polo Ralph Lauren

One brand you want to work with:


Made it moment:

Recently, Urban Outfitters put in an order and that was huge considering they’re a very big and established company. Contacted by Project to participate in their upcoming tradeshow- for free!

Last words:

We’re here to stay, and will continue to push through fashion boundaries. We want people to love vintage!!

It was a lot of fun to sit down and pick Jesse’s brain, definitely a kind and humble guy doing big things with passion. Thanks again to Jesse and the F as in Frank team for a great time! Be sure to check out their store F as in Frank located at 2425 Main Street, Vancouver, BC.

Happy shopping!