Fashion Fix - Chicks and Kicks

Dec 19 2017, 1:42 pm

Good morning, gorgeous! As much as I love walking through designer stores and fondling Loubs, and Choo’s, sometimes I just want to throw on a pair of kicks and go on with my bad self.  There’s something about a woman rockin’ a pair of sneakers that really takes my breath away. It’s kind of like the girl that wears her boyfriend’s college t-shirt to bed, or the hubby’s oversized cardigan to Sunday brunch, we’re kind of wearing something that wasn’t meant for us…  but gosh darn it, we look good doin’ it!

Chicks and kicks:

Even Kim Kardashian is uppin’ her shoe game, wearing Air Jordan 3s. Thanks to Ye’s influence of course. Peep her tweet here. Jordans on a woman makes my mouth froth a little (except when Kim K wore them), it’s so crisp, clean…and sexy! I’m also diggin the pop of color like the Freestyle Reebok’s worn by Amber Rose.

But my all time favorite sneaker queen would be this dime right here…

Bad girl RiRi! From purple SB Blazers, Cordal dunks to Converse x Comme des Garcons sneakers, she does a perfect blend of girly girl, and playful tom boy, don’t you agree? The leather, the camo, the skirt… seriously, she can do no wrong.

This is me trying to get my RiRi on.

It’s fun playin’ a tomboy sometimes, I love being able to wear heels one night and then a clean pair of J’s the next. I don’t know, maybe I’m just sick of seeing the same outfits everywhere I go. Tights, blazer, designer bag, & 4 inch heels = Vancouver girl uniform haha.

Oh, and FYI not all sneakers are released in womens sizes (I know, how unfun) but not to worry, if you’re an 8 or smaller, a kids version will fit you just fine and at a fraction of the cost too. But did you really need another incentive to shop? Didn’t think so.

If you’re a lady with kicks, feel free to drop us a line and even send in a photo, we’d love to get a Chicks and Kicks column going! Anyways, gotta run but if you miss me (which I’m sure you will) you can find me here, here, and here. Until then, ciao love!

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