Fashion Fix - Aritzia Warehouse Sale - February 19th!

Dec 19 2017, 9:43 am

Ladies, it’s that time again. Grab your girlfriends, (or your poor boyfriend), a pair of comfy shoes and your game face – the Aritzia warehouse sale starts Wednesday, February 19!

Located across the pond this time on the North Shore’s Park Royal, the sale is 12 days long with daily Fall/Winter merchandise replenishments and discounts ranging from 50-90%.

Aritzia Warehouse Sale 1

For all you warehouse sale rookies – here are some helpful tips (previously posted):

  1. If you’re not looking for anything in particular and your size isn’t a popular one – go later in the day, avoid the line ups! I’ve gone in the evening a few times with no wait whatsoever.
  2. Check back frequently throughout the sale, further mark downs may occur closer to the end of the sale.
  3. Grab what you like, “Collect, then Select.”
  4. Travel light, bring a small bag for easy browsing and avoid the long bag check line up.
  5. Dress smart – flats, leggings and a tank top for easy outfit changes.
  6. The changing room is full of goodies, keep your eyes opened!
  7. And last but not least, be courteous! There will be a lot of estrogen in one space – good luck and be safe.

Join the Facebook Event for updates.


644 Park Royal North (between RBC and The Gap), West Vancouver.


WEDNESDAY, February 19: 9AM – 9PM
THURSDAY, February 20: 9AM – 9PM
FRIDAY, February 21: 9AM – 9PM
SATURDAY, February 22: 9AM – 9PM
SUNDAY, February 23: 9AM – 7PM
MONDAY, February  24: 9AM – 7PM
TUESDAY, February 25: 9AM – 7PM
WEDNESDAY, February 26: 9AM – 7PM
THURSDAY, February 27: 9AM – 7PM
FRIDAY, February 28: 9AM – 7PM
SATURDAY, March 1: 9AM – 7PM
SUNDAY, March 2: 9AM – 7PM

Happy shopping, ladies (and gents!).