Fashion Fix – Amazing Eyelash Extensions at Kinjou Lashes!

Dec 19 2017, 10:44 am

One of summer’s must haves are definitely lash extensions. Whether it be an impromptu camping trip, a dip in the pool or sweat fest on the seawall – no one wants to be that girl running around looking for lash glue or worried about their half fallen lashes. (I’ve been that girl a few times!)

I’ve always been a fan of lash extensions but after a few bad experiences (glue all over my eyes, lashes stuck together, painful lash stabs) I opted to stick with my everyday falsies. It wasn’t until I noticed ladies around town looking fierce and happy with their lashes that I started doing some research.


Lo and behold, I found Vancouver’s hidden gem – Kinjou Lashes. Lash shops are plentiful in Vancouver but quality ones such as Kinjou are rare. The reviews alone are enough to make you switch over! (read reviews here and their interview with Blanche MacDonald here)


I popped by on a rainy Saturday afternoon for my appointment (a must, they get booked up!) and almost missed the little cute shop. I was lucky enough to have the owner, Vanessa, doing my lash extensions and it was such an eye opener to learn about different lengths and curves to match your eyes. Kinjou really caters to your requests and eye shape to get the maximum lash results!


An hour (or 2) later, 200+ lashes per eye, I was done. To be honest, I was kind of nervous to open my eyes but as soon as I did I realized why Kinjou is on another level when it comes to lashes – my lashes were light and so breathable! I didn’t even feel them on me and the best part, there was no pain! Ladies, your lash prayers have been answered.

– Better glue – no stinging or irritating of the eyes. Completely safe and tested glue.

– Lash sizes/curves – C, O, L and 9D (thick/darker lashes but still very light & soft)

–  Cloud application technique – this application places the light mink lashes 1-2mm after your lash root, but doesn’t compromise the strength of the lash. Using thinner mink lashes causes less strain on your actual lash/root so it’ll give you a natural and more comfortable feeling.

–  Professionalism – throughout the whole entire process I was informed and included in every step from selection of lash type to length, they really cater to your needs and eye size/shape.

–  Comfort – I can’t stress it enough, these quality lashes were beyond comfortable. I got that dramatic look without all the discomfort of fake heavy falsies!


Top left: O curve lashes / Top right: C curve lashes / Bottom: L curve

3 weeks and a vacation to Cancun later – my lashes are still in good shape! I beat them up quite a bit but what an awesome feeling to wake up and just go without having to worry about make up. Great lashes make all the difference!

Check out their facebook and IG (@KinjouLashes) for more photos & information. Thank you to Kinjou for their amazing service, can’t wait to go back!

Happy lashing, everyone!