Vancouver’s ultimate Fall running guide

Oct 7 2017, 6:59 am

The summer heat has come and gone, but a new season isn’t a valid reason to change up your running regimen.

With temperatures starting to mellow out and tourists no longer clogging up the Seawall, there’s no better time to crush a personal best.

To help you get the most out of Fall, we’ve put together your ultimate fall running guide with our friends from New Balance Vancouver.

But can’t I just run on the treadmill?

We hate to break it to you John Snow, but winter is coming. Do you really want to be staring at those same gym walls any longer than you have to?

We’re incredibly lucky to live in such a beautiful place, so take in our clean, crisp air, colourful leaves, and snow-capped mountains while you can! And when’s the last time you told someone about the time you ran on a treadmill?With the right gear and the right motivation, there’s no reason to fear Fall.

The motivation

Remember those summer patio drinks? Or those summer BBQs? Or that chili dog at the PNE? Need we say more? Probably not, but we will anyway.

If you’re the kind of runner who needs a goal, Fall has a surprisingly great lineup of runs to train for. If you’re the ambitious type, try running a half or full marathon.

In Vancouver, there’s no more of a scenic run than the James Cunningham Seawall Race on October 21. 10K’s like these provide lasting memories with a stunning backdrop.

The gear

Precision Run 3 In 1 Jacket/New Balance Vancouver

The proper gear makes all the difference. If you’re prepared for the elements, the only thing getting in your way is you.

Combating the Cold


NB Heat Tight/New Balance Vancouver

When the temperature dips, it’s layering time. A combination of running tights and New Balance’s running briefs will keep you warm and comfortable, while preventing the worst kind of chafing.

For your top half, think about a light, breathable long sleeve as a base before layering with a more thermal yet breathable option like an NB half-zip.

Instead of that bulky jacket, think about gloves, a slightly thicker running sock, and a running toque. The last thing you want is to overheat out there.

Reigning in the Rain


910v4 Trail GTX/New Balance Vancouver

If (when) it rains, add a lightweight jacket to your ensemble. You probably won’t need it for warmth with your base layers, but it’ll keep the wind and rain at bay. Insider’s tip: make sure your jacket’s non-restrictive around the shoulders and chest.

As for your shoes, think about a pair of GORE-TEX New Balance runners like the 880 or the 910 trail, both use a GORE-TEX liner which will do its best to keep your feet warm and dry. No waterproofer can keep your feet completely dry, but GORE-TEX is your best bet.

Pro-Tip: if you’re running through the rain on successive days, rotate between a few pairs of shoes to let the wet ones dry out. They’ll last longer and more importantly, smell less.

Staying Safe

No matter the weather, making sure you’re visible to traffic is a must. Get gear with an ample amount of reflective highlights. We’re not saying all fluorescent everything, but a little reflective piping goes a long way. In the fall, drivers have a tough time seeing runners so take it upon yourself to stay visible and safe.

For all your running needs, more great tips, and to learn more about any of the products we mentioned, visit New Balance Vancouver at one of the four locations across the lower mainland, including 1158 Robson Street in downtown Vancouver. You can also check out New Balance Vancouver on TwitterFacebook, and Instagram.

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