Fall fashion trends for 2013

My favourite season is arriving! Punk is back, leopard print is staying, and emerald green is the colour of the year. There’s a lot going on this fall, and it can get a little overwhelming if you want to stay on top of the fashion game, especially if you’re used to living in a sea of yoga wear.

A tip to everyone: Even though something is in style, it may not suit you, so don’t wear it. I can’t rock a pleated mini skirt because my legs are too long and my bum is too big, therefore I don’t even bother. Please dress for the body you have, not the body you want – toes belong on your feet and ain’t nobody got time for that camel toe.

Also, please keep in mind that these are the Fall fashion trends for 2013, according to the magazines and runways, and are mere suggestions. The main thing is to dress in a way that makes you comfortable and confident. I don’t wear leopard print, or white power suits – I dress like Kurt Cobain most of the time, but that’s what I’m comfortable in, so that’s what I wear.

Without further ado, here are the top Fall fashion trends for 2013:

Emerald green

This royal shade brings out the brown in eyes, and goes especially well with a head of red hair. From satin pencil skirts, to sheer blouses, to eye catching pointy-toed pumps and chunky accessories, emerald green is making a huge wave this season, and is a colour to have in your Fall wardrobe.

DO pair this royal shade with neutrals – it’ll pop like a virgin.

Emerald green

Emerald green

Emerald green

DON’T wear emerald green head to toe – As cool as it is to be a power ranger, the look doesn’t go well with heels.

Emerald green don't

Head to toe white

I am terrified of this trend– mainly because I cannot go a day without spilling something on myself. However, if you are less clumsy than my butter fingers, an all white outfit can be very sophisticated and classy.

DO wear a white power suit or knee length dress to the office. If the garments are well constructed, the outfit will look very chic. Add a dash of colour with a red coat or some eye-catching accessories, and you’ll be looking like a business goddess.


DON’T wear a head to toe velour tracksuit with gold chains…unless you’re a rapper.

Punk is back which means so is tartan

The punk look goes hand in hand with the traditional tartan print. You can channel your inner Courtney love with a leather jacket, whatever vintage band tee you’ve purchased at Value Village, a pleated tartan skirt, and some combat boots to really tie your whole look together.

DO have some courage to commit to the look. If you’re going for a punk vibe, you’ve got to have some sepia toned eye shadow (MAC Uninterrupted is my favourite).

Punk Makeup

DO be pretty in punk. These tartan outfits are sweet with a hint of rebellion, but still hold true to their punk inspiration.

Tartan punk

Remember: This look has to be executed with precision – you want the heroin chic feel without the actual heroin.


DON’T…be this guy.

Tartan don't

…Or Miley Cyrus.

Punk don't




Because why wouldn’t you want to look like the cutest children ever made?

Layering is so easy and convenient, especially in Raincouver.  You can create a completely different outfit by taking off a sweater, or adding a scarf.

Must-have layering pieces:

Circle scarf – it keeps you warm and looks so fantastic and cozy.

Oversized sweater – you can wear it on top of jeans or leggings for a casual look. Try it with a button up dress shirt underneath and show off the collar and cuffs. Plus, if you get too hot, take off the sweater and BAM – another outfit.

Coloured legging style pants – these are essentially pants without a zipper or pockets. They are very comfy, and can be dressed up (as long as the top covers the bum and frontal area of your lady parts.

Knee high boots – I’m not sure if you’re aware of this, but Vancouver gets some precipitation once in a while and boots are an obvious choice in footwear. A pair of knee high leather boots in black or tan will go with pretty much everything in your closet.

DON’T wear your (or someone else’s) entire closet.

Layering don't


I love hats. Hatsy, hats, hats. Super stoked to see that hats are in this fall. According to the fashion Gods, you can wear a hat to any occasion now.

DO style your hair when you put on a hat. A hat with some loose waves is a little better than one with a lion’s mane.

1. hat do 2

DON’T wear a flamingo on your head. That shouldn’t be too hard of a tip to follow…hopefully.

Hat don't

Top hats for fall:

Fancy baseball caps – Yes, you can now wear a baseball cap to the office – as long as it is in a solid colour and is made of a quality fabric.


Beanies – When in doubt, bean it out. This is definitely my go-to hat and I’m convinced that they make my eyes look bigger and face look slimmer.

Fedoras – these are always in style. You simply cannot go wrong with a fedora.


Leopard print is not only for the Real Housewives of [enter city here]. It’s a great print that can be sophisticated and sexy all at once, and can definitely be worn in an office setting.

DO pair leopard print with a solid colour of a similar tone. It adds an earthiness to the overall look.


DO rock a different coloured leopard print – it doesn’t necessarily have to be in brown and black.

DON’T wear head to toe leopard unless it’s Halloween and you have Kim Kardashian’s cleavage.

Leopard print don't

Eye-catching outerwear

There’s a lot of attention on outerwear this season, especially ones with unique detailing. Unless you can afford to get an extravagant coat every season, I’d suggest keeping it simple and classic.

DO invest in a quality coat. Coats are one of those items that need to meet a certain criteria for cut, colour and fabric. A coat needs to fit well, go with everything in your closet, and be simple enough that it can last for a few seasons.

DO have different outerwear for different occasions. A double-breasted wool coat is great for special occasions and for work, while an anorak is perfect for everyday.

DO play with colour if it’s in your budget. Having a pop of colour or unique detailing in your outerwear can really make you stand out in a crowd.


DON’T purchase an orange shag blazer that looks like the rug from my mother’s dowry.

Outerwear don't

And that is that – the Fall fashion trends for 2013. Stay tuned for some fashion related How-To’s.

You stay classy San Diego Vancouver.

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