Fall Beauty Trends: London Drugs

Just like the world of fashion, the cosmetic industry is always a season ahead. And the beauty of that from a consumer’s perspective is that we are always able to see what’s coming, well in advance. London Drugs certainly did just that in their Fall Beauty Preview event, giving us a sneak peak of new products and trends. Here are some of our stand out picks.


Studio Makeup:Eye shadow palettes are always a fun and easy product that lends itself to countless of different looks. Studio Makeup comes with seven different colours, giving you the chance to blend, buff and mix different shades together. The pigmentation of the colours are excellent , and you’ll only need a touch of the product to create an impact. Can’t wait to their more neutral palette that can be used on a daily basis.


Freeze Frame Lash Extensions ($69):

We’ve seen eye lash serums and individual lash extensions in beauty counters before but here’s something different: lash extensions that you can brush on. Freeze Frame Lash Extensions is simple to apply just as you would with mascara – in fact, you even apply them with a mascara wand. But instead you are applying tiny synthetic hairs, which look like real lashes, combined in a nourishing, and thickening dark gel base. More information here.


Marc by Marc Jacobs ($110):

Increasingly now, I’ve been able to find a great selection of perfumes and colognes at London Drugs. This includes some brand names like Marc by Marc Jacobs and his scent Oh Lola that used teen idol Dakota Fanning in the advertising campaign. The scent is young and lively with fresh and sweet fruity tones together with a floral background. If you’re ever in jam, there are plenty of great gift solution in the fragrance aisle. More information here.



Neon by Revlon:

If you’re a fan of nail polishes, you’ll know that neon and accent nails are absolutely two major trends this summer and we’ll see that definitely carry into the fall. A new line by Revlon lets you achieve both of those looks with their new two in one product. Revlon Nail Art is shown here, paired with a basic white but you can see the entire range here. The compact packaging is ideal if you need a quick paint job on the go or for travel.



NYX – Jumbo Eye Pencils ($5.99):

When I think drug store cosmetics, NYX comes to mind. They are priced competitively and offer the latest trends which allows it to be a safe and easy way to experiment with makeup. This season, they offer an array of products but two of my favorites is the classic Jumbo Eye Pencils in milk and black. They formula is smooth and creamy and just sticky enough to be used for a primer for shadows for added staying power. Their texture allows them to be doubled up as a shadow, too. Best of all they are small and compact enough to carry in your purse for quick touch ups throughout the day. More information here.