Fairmont Pacific Rim: Dining at Oru

If bacon is any indicator of excellence, then Fairmont Pacific Rim is on the right path and better yet – they are curing it themselves. As part of their goal to produce as much product within the hotel as possible, the hotel has been curing up pork bellies weekly.  For those of who may not be aware of what type kind of undertaking that may be, it is quite unique and not commonly found. This is only one of many initiatives by the culinary team at Fairmont Pacific Rim.

This stems from Chef Darren Brown’s passion for food as he and his team tries as much as possible to keep trace from the rancher, producer and farmer clear and direct right down to the tasty items at Oru, giovane, the lobby lounge, and the sky bar lounge.   We sat down at the sky bar lounge for a few drinks and nibbles.

Plantain chips

Mini sliders including tuna karage sliders among others.

Then we worked off the first bites and nibbles with a guided tour of the hotel’s kitchens. The private dining room picture below is stunning and is encased in glass for privacy and to buffer out noises.

Private dining area at Oru.

Now there is an awesome life motto.

A quick peak in their chocolate room. Yes, their temperature-controlled CHOCOLATE ROOM.

A full seated dinner then started inside the dining area at Oru. Here are some photos of their delicious offerings.

My favorite dish of the night: perfectly seared scallops.

Amazing service topped off the night as our host poured from the fountain of youth.

An amazing pork belly dish.


Fairmont Pacific Oru offers foods of the pacific north west but with pacific west flavours. Maybe not for every day, but a treat for those special occasions.