Faber Connect: The app that's changing how construction workers are hired

Jan 30 2018, 12:46 am

Vancouver is continuously spending record numbers on construction. According to stats from the BC government, $2,102,143 was spent on building permits in Vancouver alone from January to November 2017.

And although the demand is high, it’s not being met with an equally high influx of construction workers joining the industry. That’s where Faber Connect comes in.

The online marketplace connects contractors with skilled construction workers and general laborers in the same city. Contractors/construction companies can simply sign up and connect to a large database of skilled worker resources. Additionally, the platform gives contractors the flexibility to add or remove workers based on project demands.

Its goal is to bring back the pride and craftsmanship that has been lost in the blue-collar workforce.

“We have built this app to allow people interested to sign up with a profile and get connected to their first construction job. Giving them the chance to try out the industry and see if it’s for them,” Faber co-founders Justin Locke and John Reid, told Daily Hive.

“Our recent partnership with BCIT will allow us to further offer more options for young people interested in testing this industry out by browsing programs that relate to the type of work they have tried and have found interest in.”

Faber has operated successfully in Vancouver for almost two years and looks to expand to other Canadian centers this year. The firm also recently opened an office in the tech epicenter of San Francisco to assist with the evolution of its structure and IP.

For more information or to sign up to become a worker, visit Faber Connect now.

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