F As In Frank's $10 "Fill A Bag" sale sees overwhelming crowd

Dec 19 2017, 6:48 pm

The store that made their mark with a five-block lineup on May 31 wants their customers to know just how grateful they are for them.

F as in Frank, a vintage store on Main Street, saw an overwhelming crowd after word spread about their $10 fill a bag sale.

Thousands of people lined up for their back alley sale, which clears out any excess stock they have, and their latest sale did this in just an hour.

Although a majority of people weren’t able to attend the back alley sale, the store was open and had 30 per cent taken off all items.

Co-owner Jesse Heifetz says even though the store wasn’t necessarily prepared for such an overwhelming turn out, the staff did the best they could.

“We actually ended up putting out a lot of stock that we never intended to put out, that wasn’t really alley sale worthy, just because there were so many people there and it was a bit of a mob scene. We wanted to make as many people happy as possible,” Heifetz told Vancity Buzz.

“It was our attempt to kind of appease the crowd so to speak.”

Considering the short time the back alley sale lasted, the store gave away a free pair of sunglasses with every in-store purchase, and on top of that gave away around 1,000 hot dogs in their free barbeque.

The store’s Facebook page and event received negative feedback after the sale, criticizing the store for being ill-prepared, but Heifetz appreciates the comments saying that he’ll take each one into consideration for their next event.

“All we could do was do our best and that’s what we did, and I think we had a lot of happy people for sure.”

Heifetz says more preparation will be key for their next event, as they hope to service as many people as they can. Unfortunately, there is no guarantee that everyone will be served as the sale is a first come first serve basis.

“Thank you to everybody that came, we’re deeply sorry that some people were disappointed, and we weren’t as prepared as we could have been for the overwhelming turn out,” said Heifetz.

“We’ve taken all of the constructive criticism to heart and we are definitely going to be implementing some new strategies to cope with another turn out like this.”

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