Dec 19 2017, 11:00 am

Eyelashi.com is Vancouver’s newest brand to eye beauty that helps enhance that sparkle with removable luxury mink fur & hand-tied strip lashes.

The majority of our competitors utilizing false strip eyelashes seem to feel irritated and uncomfortable, despite having been re-worn over and over again. Why sacrifice beauty for comfort when you can have both at the same time.  The time it takes to find a good brand of lashes, not knowing the quality is not only time consuming but can also be costly.

Introducing Eyelashi. Eyelashi is committed to providing you with beautiful strip lashes of the highest quality that your eyes deserve. On Eyelashi.com, beauty is now available to all via, with Eyelashi’s hand-tied collection or with the luxury mink fur collection. The time and effort to uncover that beautiful face was costly, yet maintaining it through out the night is just as troublesome; now you never worry about a bad and uncomfortable pair of lashes ever again!

“We all want to look beautiful but comfortably and easily”, says JL, Eyelashi Founder. “Eyelashi focuses on quality and enhancing individual beauty”. This benefits our customers, by creating everyday lashes that are very comfortable with high re-uses up to 40 Times. No one should sacrifice comfort for beauty; beauty should be comfortable”

Think you, or someone you know who would love a pair of quality lashes? Then be sure to tell them about Eyelashi, where beauty meets comfort.

. “Be Glamorous, Be Gorgeous, Be You” -Eyelashi